Fan Cheng Cheng Drops His New EP, “EMERGING!”

Fan Cheng Cheng from NEX7 celebrates his 20th Birthday today with the release of his new EP, “EMERGING!”

The EP consists of four new tracks, including “Caged Beast”, “Missed Texts”, “Two Minds” and “Excessive Breathing”! We’ve translated the full introduction to his new EP and soundtracks below for you to have a better idea of what it has to offer.

Album Introduction


Break through the shackles, reveal one’s true self, and reshape a new life.

On how to kick-start your 20-year-old self, the answer lies in Fan Cheng Cheng’s heart.

At the age of 16, he wandered through the streets of foreign countries and endured countless days and nights in the practice room;

At the age of 18, he experienced a brutal fight yet he continued to stand on the shiny stage. At that time, he told himself: Fan Cheng Cheng, when you become an adult, will definitely become a qualified adult;

At the age of 20, he chose to break through all the shackles and openly face the unknown right in front of him. Right and wrong, justice and evil, tired and passionate, it is the state of being fearless after experiencing a tough environment one has grown a new heart, revealing a firmer and better grasps of the self.

Along the way, carrying the weight of doubts, bearing the reward of honor, without frustration or pride, but with gentleness to resolve everything, music seems to be the star that will always appear in the dark, guiding him to move forward.

“EMERGING” is a brand new start for 20-year-old Fan Cheng Cheng. Whether it is a change in the overall modelling style or the confidence and choice of the musical compositions, it showcases how a grown youth who is boldly interpreting his ideas and developing firm beliefs.

As he himself said: Growth is visible to everyone, but maturity is growth in the heart, not everyone can see it, only you can feel it. He is on the way.

Track Details

  1. “Caged Beast” (困兽)

From visual modeling to cover presentation of the album, Fan Cheng Cheng seems to be in shackles, but yet his eyes are always firm, showing his determination to break through these shackles. The tune of the melodic rap fuses with the rich harmony of EDM, and it creates a setting of a misty forest in this song. The powerful bass at the background adds further to the mysterious atmosphere in the song. As the rhythm of the music changes, the fusion of sounds and tone of the music also invites the sensation of an urgent countdown. Fan Cheng Cheng himself participated in the whole process of creating this song. “An invisible hand is trapping me, there is a voice that guides me…” At the age of 20, Fan Cheng Cheng uses this song to expressed his relentless desire to always to improve, and his rejection of being defined and shackled.

2. “Missed Texts”

Fan Chengcheng’s 20-year-old debut EP, “EMERGING”‘s title song “Missed Texts” features the melodic rap style, which Fan Cheng is very familiar and comfortable with. The song describes the experience of misunderstanding during a relationship due to miscommunication, yet with the beliefthat many men and women in deep emotional relationships can find a trace of empathy. It is worth mentioning that the song use of samples of the “notification sounds” we receive from sending and receiving messages in everyday life. This adds a sense of reality to the progression of the tale that is being told in song. The high-level rap skills required of the song also allows for Fan Chengcheng to repeatedly refine and polish the details of his rap during the recording process, so as to strive to allow his work to reach a level of absolute perfection.

3.《2 Minds》

The nature of electropop makes listeners feel the urge to start dancing unconsciously from the beginning. The rhythm of the the broken beats matches the high frequency yet weakened beat of the drum, simulating the sound of two heartbeats, embodying the very definition of “2 Minds”. Fan Cheng Cheng’s extremely magnetic and narrative voice talks about the entangled emotions frequently encountered in love stories, expressing the candid thoughts of the protagonist in the piece. He also uses a careful and soft voice to display an inner side of him that is gentle.

4. “Excessive Breathing” (过度呼吸)

The sound of the rain in the backdrop of the R&B music and song creates the feeling of a lonely suffocation in a small space. The dark room with the sunset, a glass of wine that is half full, a set of blurry eyes…Fan Cheng Cheng interprets a state of mind related to yearning from through a first person narrative point of view: “Repeatedly remembering, forgetting and thinking of you”, the feelings of yearning, not limited to a romantic setting is delicately brought out by Fan Cheng Cheng in the song.


We hope you now have a better idea of the concept behind his new EP. If you’ve enjoyed the thought and the concept that of it, you can purchase Fan Cheng Cheng’s EP on QQ Music (if you’ve got WeChat Pay) or through NetEase Music!


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