Former CHUANG 2021 Trainee Fu Sichao Gets Invited by Martin Garrix For A Collaboration

Former CHUANG 2021 finalist Fu Sichao was in for a surprise when he wished producer Martin Garrix happy birthday yesterday.

In the post full of adoration for the producer, the former CHUANG trainee wrote:

"The song I've waited for a year!!! Martin Garrix's Piano and Guitar is too good!!!! There's even new tone to it! I'll forever love Martin's progressive house!!! Too nice, I love it so much! Adding onto that is Bono and The Edge's collaboration!! Perfect! We are the people we've been waiting for @Martin_Garrix happy birthday!"
Fu Sichao Wishes Martin Garrix a Happy Birthday!

The Wajijiwa entertainment idol was in for a surprise because Martin Garrix responded just two minutes after his post. The producer wrote:

"Thanks man for sharing! Heard from my team that you are also a producer, please contract @stmpdrcrds_official and see if we can work something out!"

Martin Garrix responds to Fu Sichao

The idol responded in excitement stating “Really!!! That would be awesome!!!I would love to do that!!! Looking forward to our masterpiece!!!!!”

The former CHUANG 2021 trainee was obviously excited, given the number of exclamation marks he used. He also made it a point to type in English. Fans congratulated him in his post saying “Congrats baby, you’ve successfully chased your idol!”

If you’re wondering which song got him so excited, check out the song “We Are The People” below!

Are you looking forward to their collaboration? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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