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Huang Zitao Started L.Tao Entertainment For The Happiness Of Every Artist: I Don’t Rely On This To Make Money

[Sina Entertainment]

According to Taiwanese media reports, Huang Zitao established his own entertainment company in Beijing – L.Tao Entertainment Co., Ltd. with the help of his late father in 2018.

The artists under the company include himself, Ma Zehan, Xu Yiyang, and Ming Liang. In addition, he also cooperated with Cao Xiyue. From being an idol to becoming a boss, Huang Zitao also received questions about the sensitive topic of “romance” when being interviewed. He believes that the lives of his artists must be happy.

Huang Zitao was interviewed a few days ago. He talked about not minding whether his artists want to date, because he believes that the lives of celebrities must be happy. Thus, if his artists can feel happy and blessed if they interact with people, he will support them: “My company doesn’t rely on artists to make money in the first place, I just hope they can feel safe enough in my company, and they can be happy enough at my place to do what they want to do.”

Running a company and signing every artist, Huang Z

itao’s plan is not to make money but instead hopes that each one of his artists can walk a better path in their lives, so it doesn’t matter even if they are not popular or famous. Moreover, if someone wants to end their contract and leave, Tao also won’t ask for contract termination money or to threaten his idols by using the contract. 


“I just hope they can feel safe enough in my company, and they can be happy enough at my place to do what they want to do.”
“Because there are many people who are having a tough time,  I only want to help them.”, says the singer. 


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