Yang Kai From Wang Yibo’s Team Is The Champion For Street Dance Of China 3!

As the Street Dance of China Season 3 wrapped up for the season, it was ultimately Yang Kai from the Dance Captain Wang Yibo’s team who took control of the ultimate stage.

As though watching the full three-hour dance battle between the four Street Dance teams haven’t been tough enough, the cast on the Street Dance of China 3 spent over 7 hours filming for the finale episode.

Yang Kai’s hard-earned victory came sitting through 3 long matches which involved 18 rounds of dancing. In each round, every dance stood on the elevated platform in front of a mass audience where they attempted to own the stage with their dance moves.

Champion of Street dance of China 3, Yang Kai 

As the first B-boy dancer to stand on the final stage in three seasons of the show, Yang Kai passionately declared: “On this stage, I represent Breaking (or breakdancing/b-boying) on behalf of China!”

His final opponent on the other side of the stage, Jiang De Chao (otherwise known as “Xiao Chao”) from Dance Captain Jackson Wang’s team, is the youngest player in the three-season championship and runner-up competition stage. Though he was viewed as the “dark horse” for most parts of the show, he took on the challenge of battling the older dancer fearlessly.

In the battle of the century between the older and younger generation, Yang Kai accumulated three points in a row with the high-energy performance of rounds of big moves to ultimately emerge as the champion of Street Dance of China 3!

At the same time, he made history as the first dancer in the history of the show to win grand champion with his breaking dance style!

Runners up of the Street Dance Of china 3, Jiang De Chao (“Xiao Chao”)

While the final dance showdown was an exciting one to watch, the road to the championship round was also similarly full of twists and turns.

In the first round of Qi Wu’s showdown, Xiaochao’s emotions exploded and interpreted his mental journey, and received unanimous approval from all the captains. Yi Yang Qianxi couldn’t help but confess that Xiao Chao’s display of his dancing prowess had been “too ruthless”.

Yang Kai also surprised the crowd with his transformation into “Nezha”, as he created a lively atmosphere with his break dancing. His perfect performance matched the words of Captain Wang Yibo, who said that it was the “most confident, proudest and maddest” performance of the night.

In the battle among the top 4 one of the highlights also included the match between Yang Kai and Bouboo, who are both from Captain Wang Yibo’s dance time. Their dance battle was extremely exciting to watch, and some even felt that the showdown was extremely brutal, since the DJs played Wang Yibo’s song, “No Feeling” to eliminate participants from his own team that round. Ultimately, Yang Kai successfully advanced into the championship round, while Xiao Chao defeated Xiao Zhibin by a massive margin in what was described as a “very superior” dance performance showcase!

The Battle of Dance Captains, featuring comebacks from past captains and guest stars!

In the finals, it is also worth noting that Dance Captain Jackson Wang, Wang Yibo, Wallace Chung and Lay Zhang closed the season perfectly with their explosive team performances in this season’s program.

To make sure that the stage would be impeccable, the captains practiced tirelessly the nights leading up to the final day. The stage style was also adapted to the team’s characteristics, and there was no shortage of dazzling stage effects.

In his performance, “Yang Bu La De” (literally, ‘Young Blood’), Jackson Wang tore his shirt to show off his strong muscles, vividly interpreting the new generation style of his team.

It is also interesting to note that Jackson Wang participated in the entire process of the performance from selecting its choreography to the costumes. This undoubtedly contributed to his team to emerge first among the performances by the dance captains!

In Wang Yibo’s “The End Game” performance, the young star cooperated with Bouboo and Yang Kai and combined the elements of Hiphop and break dancing, which fans to scream wildly in between the explosive dance moves.

Wallace Chung’s team collectively also created a party themed dance performance alternative between a mixture of salt, sweet and sexy vibes. The passionate dance performance of the team moved people, as he mentioned that he had “found the happiness that he felt from the first time he decided to continue dancing all over again.”

Never one to disappoint, Lay Zhang once again created his dance choreography and chose his music carefully to infuse distinctly Chinese style melodies into his performance. With the Guqin as one of the instruments in the background, he also incorporated the red silk in his dance choreography. Indeed the performance captured Lay Zhang’s profound intents when he created the performance: “I want to express the pride is in our bones and blood through the art of dancing!

Jackson Wang is ferocious in his team performance

Wang Yibo performed “The End Game” with his team

Lay Zhang presents a performance that infuses traditional Chinese instruments. 

Wallace Chung does a party themed performance with his team

Of course, the show isn’t over without the appearance of their past captains, Jackson Yee, former Super Junior member Han Geng and Vanness Wu from the show’s previous seasons.

Jackson Yee’s performance “Flame” on the stage of “Flame” lit the audience. Han Geng led the “Master of Attitude” to inherit the spirit of street dance, and to pay tribute to Chinese culture in Peking Opera themed show “Inheritance”.

Vanness Wu based his performance on the concept of “Wu Xia League” to create a cool trendy performance.

When asked how he felt about returning to the show, Jackson Yee smiled and said that he was “extraordinarily relaxed.”

Han Geng and Vanness Wu also mentioned that it felt like they were going home when they came back on the street dance stage.

Also, the stage was further ignited by the arrival of guest performances, Liu Yuxin from THE9 and newly debut C-pop boyband, SKY!

The scene pulled to a climax as TH9’s Liu Yuxin showed her love for street dance with her impressive popping skills in her performance titled “This is X”. Her biggest fan during the performance also included former street captain Vanness Wu, who said: “You are my pride and you deserve everyone’s love!”

SKY similarly performed their debut single, “Burn” in the show and their survival show Producer Lay Zhang was quick to praise the boy band. However, he also gave some useful words of advice, saying “I hope you can continue to maintain such strength and enthusiasm in the future!”

Champion of Street Dance of China 3, Yang Kai, took the stage as “Ne Zha” in one of his dance showdowns

In conclusion, Street Dance of China 3 couldn’t have ended on a better note, as viewership had been high and there have been more than 42.98 billion views on main Weibo topics surrounding the show.

While the will to keep dancing the best of one’s abilities will never end, as far as variety shows can go, the Street Dance of China 3 has finally come to a close this season for now. But fortunately, the fourth season is just looming right in the horizon!

The show has teased its new chapter, where in “International Challenge” is about to begin. The champions of the three season and their all-star captain team will soon lead Chinese dancers to meet the challenges of street dance masters from all over the world.

Are you excited about what could be an international version of the show? Share with us your thoughts and comments below!

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