Huang Zitao’s Father, Huang Zhongdong, Passes Away Due To Illness

Huang Zitao’s Father Passes Away Due To Illness At Age 52

On September 11th 2020, L.TAO Entertainment published an obituary for Huang Zitao’s father, Huang Zhongdong. Huang Zhongdong, the founder and executive director of L.TAO Entertainment, passed away unfortunately due to illness at age 52.

A childhood photo of Huang Zitao and his father, Huang Zhongdong

The obituary has stated that Mr. Huang Zhongdong’s funeral will follow the wishes of his family, keeping the procedures simple.

The published obituary for Mr. Huang Zhongdong

Subsequently, Huang Zitao’s Studio forwarded the obituary post and wrote: “With a deep and heavy heart, on behalf of his family and Mr. Huang Zitao, thank you for all your concerns. Due to the loss of a loved one, we request everyone to give Mr. Huang Zitao some time to deal with matters, as well as be with his family.”

We express our condolences for Tao and his family, and hope that the public can give Tao adequate time and space for him to get through this tough period.

A childhood photo of Tao and his family

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