INTO1 member Mika Hashizume’s Mom Apologizes For Her Inappropriate Instagram Post And Shuts Down Her Page

Just a few days after Mika Hashizume made his debut as part of INTO1, his mom became the target of intense online scrutiny. Some netizens combed through her Instagram page and discovered that she had shared a post about an individual cutting up Chinese RMB notes back in 2018.


A social media controversy erupted as netizens accused his mother of “inappropriate behaviour.”

Netizens Accused Mika’s Mom Of Inapppropriate And Disrespectful Behaviour

Some netizens on Douban shared a post that captioned, “Isn’t cutting up Chinese RMB notes illegal?”

A screenshot was uploaded where Mika’s mom shared a photo of a person cutting up Chinese RMB notes on Instagram from a few years ago.

Mika Mom Instagram
Netizens inspect an Instagram post made by Mika’s mother in 2018

Some netizens began to make assumptions about the post and claimed that Mika’s mother was the person in question, cutting up the RMB notes. A controversy then erupted where some netizens even went as far as to accuse Mika’s mother of “cutting up RMB notes.”

When the issue erupted online, Mika’s Mom attempted to defuse the crisis by addressing it directly on her Instagram page. She reposted a screenshot of her past post and seemingly tried to express that she was not the individual inside the photo. She wrote, “This is not my Instagram.”

Mika's mom
Mika’s mom tells fans she is not the individual in the photo.

However, she took down the post a few hours later.

Mika’s Mother Issues Official Statement Through His Fans

An account dedicated to fighting Mika’s anti-fans then wrote a post on Mika’s supertopic, informing fans that they have discussed the issue with his mother and management company.

Mika's Fanpage
Mika’s fanpage speaks up

The official statement is as follows:

“After discussing with Mika’s company, the following information is to keep everyone on the same page. 

Following discussions with Mika’s family, they confirmed that the controversial content was something that his family member saw on a platform a few years ago. Then, it was because they thought that the child in question was behaving in a foolish and unreasonable manner, thus they decided to ridicule such behaviour within their friend circle. Because Instagram has no function to “repost” this news, his family member decided to re-upload [this picture]. The actions in the picture are not that of Mika’s family members, it was only a part of a news article found online about the behaviour of a child. During the discussion, Mika’s mother also realized that the actions of the child inside the article was very inappropriate.

She realized that sharing information about such actions may result in negative consequences. Hence, she deeply regrets not recognising this issue earlier and would like to sincerely apologize for her actions. That was why she clarified in another post to say that she was not personally involved in the controversial picture. 

After realizing that the issue became controversial, in order to prevent such occurrences in future, Mika’s mother has decided that she will deactivate her instagram account. In future, she will also be more cautious of her words and actions in public.

We hope that kiwi fruits (fans of Mika) can focus on themselves and focus on [creating a safe environment]. If you any encounter radical content, please report this to the anti-fans deflection team. Please deal with it sensibly and effectively through proper channels. A good fandom environment would be the biggest form of help for Mika.”

Mika’s Fans React To The Issue

As the topic of “Mika’s Mother Gives An Apology” began to trend on the Weibo hot search, some netizens thought that the repost made by his mom was disrespectful.

Some of his fans felt upset at the situation, as they opined that the antis had “forced” Mika’s mother to close her Instagram, and that the apology by his mom was not necessary. This was because when the news of this child surfaced in 2018, netizens in China found it hilarious as well. Fans showed screenshots of Chinese netizens reacting about the situation in jest. They felt that anti-fans were treating the actions of Mika’s mother with “double standards.”

As of writing, the Instagram account of Mika’s mother no longer exist.

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