Jeffrey Tung’s Studio Clarifies He Has No Girlfriend and Was Only Hanging Out With His Sister

This morning, Jeffrey Tung (董又霖)’s studio shared a series of selfies comprising of him and his sister. The photos were intentionally uploaded to refute the rumors of his alleged “new relationship” that went viral on the Internet recently.

Jeffrey Tung Girlfriend
Jeffrey Tung’s alleged “girlfriend” was later identified by his studio to be his elder sister

Jeffrey Tung’s Studio Debunks Dating Rumours

His studio wrote:

In order to prevent further misunderstandings, the studio will clear things up once and for all:
The alleged “suspicions of a new relationship” , it’s actually Jeffrey Tung’s elder sister. Thank you all for your concern.

Jeffrey Tung sister
Jeffrey Tung’s Studio clarifies rumours of his “new relationship”

It can also be seen from the picture that Jeffrey Tung’s sister looks demure and fair-skinned, and extremely similar to the star. She also had beautiful round eyes like her younger brother and a set of pristine white teeth. From the photos of the siblings, it can be seen that they share a close relationship as family members.

Jeffrey Tung girlfriend
Jeffrey Tung and his elder sister
Jeffrey Tung sister
Jeffrey Tung at an outing with his elder sister
Jeffrey Tung family
Jeffrey Tung at a family outing

Jeffrey Tung’s Relationship Rumours

Recently, the media exposed a set of pictures that featured Jeffrey Tung’s new romance. At that time, he was hanging out with the fashion blogger Yu Bo and others. He was spotted wearing a black leather jacket and light-colored trousers, along with a woman behind him who wore a dark green coat and black skirt. The lady was on her phone most of the time and appeared busy.

Jeffrey Tung Jin Chen
Jeffrey Tung alleged to be out with Jin Chen
Jeffrey Tung Jin Chen
Jeffrey Tung Jin Chen

Later, the actor and the mysterious lady drove to the underground garage in a car, and then went back upstairs to rest together after alighting from the car. This move aroused the suspicion of netizens, sparking a wave of relationship rumours.

In fact, the actor received widespread attention when he first debuted as was recognized as “Jackie Chan’s nephew”. Over the years, he has also took part in various popular film and television works.

Jeffrey Tung Jackie Chan
Jeffrey Tung was known as “Jackie Chan’s nephew” when he first debuted

And what he has attracted much attention is the various rumours linked to him. As early as September 2019, he was photographed on a date allegedly with the actress, Jin Chen. The two not only held hands but also did so while walking down the streets in public.

Jeffrey tung Jin chen
Jeffrey Tung allegedly held hands with Jin Chen

But this rumoured romance cooled down right after it was uncovered. Jin Chen shortly posted a beautiful selfie photo on her Instagram account with a caption: “Are you happy now?”

Then Jeffrey Tung left a message that said: “[I] respect your choice, good luck.” 

Immediately afterwards, Jeffrey Tung also issued a statement which emphasized that he was single through his Studio.

Jin Chen Jeffrey Tung
Jin Chen shared an instagram post shortly after dating rumours surfaced

Jeffrey Tung Assures Fans He Is Single

At least for now, the celebrity has confirmed that he is single. What do you think about the issue? Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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