Jackson Wang’s Reverse Parking Attempt In “Great Escape” Becomes A Viral Example of Bad Driving

Recently, Jackson Wang ‘s reverse parking attempt became trending topic amongst netizens, to the extent that it became used in driving schools as teaching material.

Jackson Wang Jiaer (pictured above)

It all began in the variety show “Great Escape” where the singer was tasked to do reverse parking with the crew. In the show, as the idol reversed his vehicle and entered the warehouse he held onto the steering wheel tightly with both hand. He reversed with neutral gear, looking very nervous.

Jackson Wang driving
Jackson Wang was seen steering frantically in “Great Escape”

The scene of the celebrity reversing to park in the garage got so much popularity that it became a trending topic. In the video, Jackson Wang was seen steering frantically as his team mates moved his vehicle. The video became viral and made it to the front page of a driving school’s website.

jacson wang drive
Jackson Wang’s reverse parking attempts were used as teaching material

In the website, Jackson Wang’s reverse parking demonstration was listed under “videos to watch before taking the driving test”. Netizens also noticed that it was regarded as a negative example of driving, though many found the video very funny.

Jackson Wang Studio Tells Fans To Learn The “Correct” Way Of Driving

In response to the online chatter over the Cpop idol’s reverse parking clip, his studio decided to make a socially responsible announcement asking fans to learn the “correct” way of driving instead. The studio included a repost of the correct parking tutorial as posted by People’s Daily.

Jackson Wang's studio responds
Wang Jiaer ‘s Studio reminds everyone to pay attention to proper driving regulations.

It also added, “The boss was a little nervous during the recording of the program and made an incorrect demonstration. The studio would like to remind everyone to pay attention to driving regulations and drive safely.”

The celebrity showed a face of stress when told to reverse and steer by his team mates

While fans can have a good laugh at how the idol panicked during the show’s ‘driving assessment’, we hope that they can rational when it comes to picking up driving habits.

You can watch the full episode of Jackson Wang in the great escape below. You can skip to 43:43 to watch Jackson wang’s funny reverse parking attempt.

Jackson Wang Reverse Parking Attempt In The Great Escape – Full episode

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