Ju Jingyi’s Shoulder Line Stirs Controversy Causing Her Studio To Rebuke Rumors

Ju Jingyi is a celebrity who is well recognized in China for her great beauty and popular acting works in the recent years. Yet, her shoulder line have recently aroused heated discussions among netizens, who believed she made use of cosmetic procedures to attain such a slim shoulder line.

The controversy gave way to many false rumors, which eventually caused the idol’s Studio to step out and address the rumors once and for all.

The studio issued a statement stating that malicious content about the idol is currently spreading on the Internet. It is also seriously inaccurate and was deliberately spread with intent by people who had ulterior motives. The relevant Internet users have been requested to delete misleading statements immediately. The company is also continuing to collect evidence and will not hesitate to employ their legal rights fully. The Studio will also seriously pursues the matter such that those who infringe on the artiste’s rights will shoulder full responsibility.

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