Justin Huang Responds To Fan Outrage Over His Song “Walking On The Moon” With Aria Jin

Recently, Justin Huang’s promotional Weibo page announced a new track “Walking On The Moon” for the artist’s album “18”. The song stated that it would feature fellow Yuehua artiste, Aria Jin, where the release would be scheduled on October 24th.

Justin Huang Minghao(left) and Aria Jin Zihan (right) would be collaborating for the song “Walking On The Moon” for his album, 18. 

Fans of Justin Huang were mostly enraged following the announcement of the collaboration, as many felt that Justin’s debut solo album should not be unfairly misused for the purposes of promoting another idol in the same agency.

Justin Huang recently announced the release of the song “Walking On The Moon” featuring Aria Jin

Justin’s fan club strongly disagreed with his decision to include this collaboration in the album and even sent a message that urged Yuehua Entertainment meet their demands.

“Since the release of Justin’s first album “18”, all of Justin’s fans have worked hard to cooperate. As a fan station, we have also communicated and coordinated many times for the company’s repeated announcement errors. Unfortunately, many problems have not been properly resolved.  Regarding many issues since the release of the album, the fan groups have asked to ask Yuehua Entertainment to:

  1. Refuse to include this collaboration song into [his solo album] “18”!
  2. Change the cover of the collaboration song, including font size, location, design style, and highlight Justin as the main singer!
  3. Replace the makeup studio and photography team!  Ensure the quality of the makeup and the professionalism of the activity diagram!

The first album “18” is devoted to Justin’s efforts. All of us as fans have shown 100% sincerity and hard work, hoping to give him a beautiful standard for his first album.  Hope Yuehua Entertainment will acknowledge the fans’ demands!

Only by working together, we can make the first album better!

The fan club hereby declares that we will withdraw from promoting this collaborative song. We cannot accept Justin’s debut as a publicity display platform for other artists of the same company!  Please Yuehua Entertainment give a reasonable explanation as soon as possible!”

Justin Huang Global Fanclub

Another one of Justin Huang’s leading fanbases also stated a similar demand:

“《18》 belongs to Justin’s 18, which is of great significance to both Justin and Nana. Whether it is sales promotion, fans have shown 100% sincere support. After today’s poster announcement of the pre-release song, we can’t help but raise questions:

  1. As the first solo album, there is too many collaboration songs and the distribution is extremely unreasonable
  2. The extremely vague words of Justin’s poster that was released today does not seem to match the theme of Justin’s album

Concerning the work, we will never give in. [Another one of Justin’s base]’s Weibo message has already been blocked. We ask for Yuehua Entertainment to face the demands of consumers directly, we refuse to be tied up with the company, and (our fan station) will not include the cooperative song to the album. (Our fan station) will not cooperate to promote the song.”

Justin Huang Online Promotion Group


Responding to the demands by his fans, Justin Huang wrote a lengthy post on Weibo addressing the issue. He expressed that the decision to feature Aria Jin was purely done out of his own accord and that his management did not force him to make any decisions. 

The full translated statement is as follows:

“I didn’t expect everyone’s reaction after seeing the new song trailer today.  I also know that everyone’s point is for my good, but I think there are a few things to explain.  First of all, on the album “18”, the company did not restrict me and did not force me anything. I also did my best to complete this album.  Secondly, it is not easy to find a good feat(uring) singer. It takes time to find a suitable song. Such a collaboration partner is really hard to find.  I think Aria Jin is very suitable, and the outcome is really good. I hope everyone can listen to the song first. It is worth looking forward to.  I have decided to come forward because I did not want my friends who came out to help me to be misunderstood.  This album is my 18-year-old and the first album I have released in my life. There will be a concert soon. I hope that all of you can hold a common heart like me that loves this album. Everyone is grateful and moved by all of my goodness, so what I can do well is to do my best for each song. I also worked hard to do it, hoping to like every result of mine. In the end, I hope that everyone who supports me and helps me is happy, everyone is happy, OK?”

He also added in the comment section of the post, stating:

[+61.8k] All of it are my own thoughts, and I don’t want my own songs that I think are nice and should be highly anticipated to be hated by everyone like this……

[+54.6k] I want there to be mutual respect, everyone supports me and is nice to me. Therefore, I will work hard at work and give everyone better things, be it in the form or a song or a good variety show. Giving everyone joy is something that I want. For all of this, I have worked hard for an entire month, resting only 3 days. This is really the best thing that I want to reward everyone with and everyone has been very supportive towards me. For this I am very grateful and touched. Thank you ????????

We hope that fans can respect the wishes of the idol and to also keep an open mind to listen to the song he has worked very hard to create.

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