Justin Huang Urge For Fans Not To Fetch Him At Airports

It’s comeback season for Justin Huang, who has recently announced the release of his first solo album, “18”! Understandably, many fans would have been eager to catch sight of the idol whenever they can especially so as to show support for his new music.

However, Justin himself has written to his fans on Weibo, asking them not to pick him up or fetch him at airports.


Justin Huang’s message on Weibo calling on fans not to fetch him at airports:

“Thank you for your enthusiastic support and I understand the eagerness of wanting to meet. But I hope you all can watch out for your safety and refrain from picking up and dropping me off at the airport. We will meet again on my next stage, ok? I have already left the airport smoothly so far. I hope you will watch your safety when you head home, and that all will be well~.”

The idol has recently released his new solo album, “18” along with an MV for his song, “PSYCHO.”

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