Du Hua Wishes Wang Yibo A Happy Birthday, Praising His Hard Work and Humility

On the 5th of August, Du Hua, the CEO of Yuehua Entertainment, posted on Weibo to celebrate the birthday of Wang Yibo. She recalled the moment when she she signed the contract accepting him as a Yuehua trainee ten years ago, and praised Wang Yibo for his hard work, persistence and humility.

“The first time I saw this kid was ten years ago. He was only 13 years old. The night I signed the contract, I stayed up all night and under great pressure because he entrusted me wit his future. Today, ten years later, he has multiple important roles: actor, singer, emcee and racer! Many people have asked me why I like him! Because he’s hardworking, persistent, Serious, resilient, polite, and humble! Happy Birthday @WangYibo ??”

This is not the first time Du Hua has publicly praised Wang Yibo for his great work attitude. She has also gave an interview explaining her trust in the idol and his potential to grow even better in future.

“Wang Yibo’s rise to fame is a result of his resilience and hard work”, CEO of Yuehua, Du Hua, says in Recent Interview

Wang Yibo was one of the early trainees back when YueHua Entertainment was newly established under Du Hua’s leadership in 2013. Since 2013, the Chinese Entertainment company has grown to debut multiple idol groups, including UNIQ, NEX7, Daylight, Everglow and more. It is also the management agency for many popular mainland artists such as Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, Han Geng, Aria Jin Zihan and many more.

We wish Wang Yibo a Happy Birthday!

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