“Wang Yibo’s rise to fame is a result of his resilience and hard work”, CEO of Yuehua, Du Hua, says in Recent Interview

With the Chinese entertainment industry facing a boom in the recent years, one of the most common questions posed is this: Are there too many young actors and actresses who have risen to popularity overnight? The common concern for “overnight sensations” are that these budding celebrities tend not to have any professional talent or skills that can allow them to stay competent in the entertainment industry for long. Is the threshold of the entertainment circle, therefore, getting lower and lower?

YueHua’s CEO, Du Hua was faced with these questions during a segment of her interview recently, where the host specifically asked about some doubts the public may have towards one of Yuehua’s top performing artists, Wang Yibo.

In the interview with the Chinese documentary, “Definition”, Du Hua gave her frank opinions and responses towards Wang Yibo’s rise to fame:

Wang Yibo from UNIQ rose to immense stardom overnight following his acting role in the hit drama, “The Untamed

Q: When Yibo was spotted by Yuehua, what about him attracted you [to eventually recruit] him?

Du Hua: When I first came into contact with Wang Yibo, there was a strong sense of resilience in him. Although only 5 people ended up debuting in UNIQ, we choose from a pool of over thirty trainees to make the band. Some trainees got eliminated, some couldn’t persevere. For children at that time, if you didn’t have the passion and desire to be an idol, it would be impossible to continue training. Twenty people where eliminated from the debuting line-up for UNIQ.

Because this strict selection process, the UNIQ boy group practiced for three and a half years before it debuted. There were a lot of things for the trainees to learn, including singing, dancing, body management, facial expression management and more. For children, it gets boring to practice more than ten hours a day. Without perseverance and love for this cause, you can’t persevere. In particular, for dancing there is a 10,000 hour theory, [you have to practice up to 10, 000 hours before you can be considered good]. There is no shortcut for that. Wang Yibo was the only one out of so many children who NEVER complained about being tired. He had never ever entertained the idea of ​​giving up. 

Du Hua explains why Wang Yibo had qualities other trainees did not, “He has never once complained that he was tired” 

Today, he’s able to become well-recognised in the entertainment industry, I think it’s because Yibo possess qualities that not every idol has. This includes his strong dancing skills that he was able to achieve that through many years of hard work. I believe his professional qualities and skills will be able to keep him in the entertainment circle for a long time. 

Q: Do you think Wang Yibo became famous overnight?

Du Hua: No. He debuted in 2014. He also took part in many acting roles. He even filmed many TV series including “The World is Tasteful”, “Westward Journey”, “Love Almighty”, until his achieved success when “The Untamed” became popular. It’s easy to become a sensation overnight, but what’s hard is maintaining the level of popularity, and how you can continue to develop this overtime. 

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Wang Yibo took acting roles in “Love Actually” and “A Chinese Odessey” prior to his breakout role in “The Untamed”

The most impressive thing is that Wang Yibo never relaxed after his rapid rise to fame. Some netizens have continued to say that Wang Yibo’s acting is not up to standards. In response, Wang Yibo worked hard everyday and even bought chopsticks himself to bite them between his teeth while he practised memorising the lines for his roles. [Actors have a practice where they bite on chopsticks while reciting their lines, as this helps to reduce the tension in their facial muscles for them to have better control over their expressions when they speak. Wang Yibo revealed in an interview before that he had broken multiple pairs of chopsticks practicing his lines]. Behind all this successes are unknown hardships, and the only the ones who can stand up are those who really stand the test.

I think that China is not short of people who can claim popularity overnight. But the question is what happens after its overnight popularity? Can they till stay in a good position within the entertainment circle for a long time with their professional qualities that they possess? 

Q: Do you think Wang Yibo has what it takes to stay popular in industry in the future?

Du Hua: Yes. There are qualities that can keep the artist popular within the entertainment entertainment industry for a long time. First, the work they produce must be of professional standards. Second, effort and hard work is important. Anybody who does not work hard can be replaced at any time. Third, self-discipline is important. As a celebrity, there are many things that you can and cannot do. This should be clear in their hearts. 

Wang Yibo has these three qualities, and hence I believe he has to potential to have a long road [of stardom] ahead of him.

Du Hua has little doubt that Wang Yibo continues to have a bright future ahead.

In the fast-paced entertainment industry, Du Hua will most certainly be feeling the pressure the most. She understands best that if any entertainer does not put in the hard work, it will be easy for them to be replaced. The entertainment circle works in many ways like a food pyramid, as the top twenty-percent of artists in an agency account for eighty-percent of their resources. It is easy to see why so many artists are fighting to be at the top, as any one who put their guards down would risk the threat of being displaced by people who work harder than they do.

If you are keen to watch the full video interview segment regarding Wang Yibo, check out the video below:


Do you also firmly believe that Wang Yibo has a long road of stardom ahead for him? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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