Luhan Releases His Mini Album “π-volume.4” Completing His π-volume Album Series!

Luhan’s latest mini-album “π-volume.4” has been officially released on the 27th October.

Following the journey of the character’s self-exploration in his π-volume.1 series, π-volume.2 tells the imagination about the infinite possibilities of love, while π-volume.3 constructs a retro and romantic life. Be it through taking the perspective of a bystander in his songs, or experimenting with different performance styles and testing his singing skills to the limits, Luhan continues to search for an answer true to himself, while navigating the many complexities and mysteries of life.

With the release of “π-volume.4”, it officially marks the finale of Luhan’s π album series.

An introduction to π-volume.4

“π-volume.4” contains a total of four songs, and its title track, “Primary Color”《原色》 has a clear theme – to preserve the uniqueness of oneself and to protect the initial colors that one began with.


This work is produced by Arai Soichiro, who is a Golden Melody Award Winning Producer. Compared with the past, Lu Han has chosen a more direct and pure singing method to highlight the bravery and firmness he wants to convey in the song, while the humming passage in the middle is like a whisper into the ear of the listener. Emotion is evinced in the entire song and it fluctuates throughout the different points of the song.


Meanwhile, another one of his new songs, “Don’t Bother” 《别来烦我》 puts the desire for freedom that modern urbanites have longed for, but is unable to string into words, to form of a catchy melody. The song occurs to the listening as though they have seemed to wake up from a sleepy dream, and then it enters the high-pitched verse to further conveys the mood of wanting to break out of a troubled day at work and tp enjoy a moment of freedom.


In addition, the re-arranged 《敏感 Sensitive-AM》 and 《敏感 Sensitive-PM》 are two different styles of opposition. The two versions are named AM and PM, which although opposite, correspond to each other.

The former version of the song uses rich orchestration and rhythmic rhythm to start the morning. In the moment after waking up, the latter uses a retro-toned guitar and electric piano to complete the conversation with himself in the quiet late night in a minimalist way.

With the gradual release of “π-volume.4”, the clear conception of its countdown poster and cover is also fully reflected.

With a pig as the album’s protagonist, from the colorful initial album to the loss of color at the end, the original color of the main character is finally restored to become the most distinctive individual in the crowd. The visual design is inspired by the plot from Luhan’s film and television drama “Crossfire”.

Every unique and special individual who has withstood the trials of life will eventually hear the truest voice that ring in their hearts, a voice that says: Persist in the pursuit of dreams, go and be that unique, one of a kind “pig” character.

Cover of “π-volume.4”

Everyone is born with their own unique and special primary colors. However, the exhaustion of being trapped in urban life gradually obliterates the meaning of their own existence, and their heart eventually finds itself in a world of grayscale.

But only after the firm heart breaks through the layers of tempering, and the original color and meaning of life can be recovered. Only then can one gain a peace of mind, and to live a free life once again, with color.

The singer, Luhan, will thus also begin to continue on his journey of composition.


In the π series, the singer Lu Han has attempted to find himself in music, and while solving the mystery of life. He constantly breaks through glass ceilings to find a better version of himself. He also took on the challenge of testing out different singing styles and performative methods. As he finally releases the original colors in π-volume.4, he makes a comeback to display his most authentic voice and purity.

While embarking on the journey to create this album, Lu Han also showed his understanding and shared an empathetic view of the world to his fans and the public alike. With the final series of the album released, he completes this creative exploration and reshapes the  world with the original colors of life with everyone.
As this album comes to a close, Singer Lu Han will also open a new chapter in the infinite world of music.
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