Evan Lin Apologizes For The Plagiarism Found In His Song, “Waiting For The Whole Winter”

Earlier today, Evan Lin released the first track from his new EP 《1995》titled “Waiting For The Whole Winter” 《等待整个冬天》.

However, just a few hours after the release of the song, the musician Lu1’s company issued a statement claiming that Evan Lin’s new song “Waiting for the Whole Winter” was suspected of plagiarizing the lyrics of their song “Can’t Take You” 《不能带你去》.

Three lines from Evan Lin’s song appeared to be lifted word for word

Indeed, when fans compared the two songs side by side, it appeared that three whole lines were lifted word for word from Lu1’s song.

Evan Lin Yanjun (pictured above).

The Lu1’s company stated that it has never given Evan Lin any authorization to reproduce their song’s lyrics and they strongly condemned any form of plagiarism. They also asked for the other party to immediately stop the infringement and remove the track which had already been published on several Chinese streaming platforms.

In response, Evan Lin also issued an apology, expressing regret that this happened. In a Weibo post that quoted a statement from his company, Sony Music, Evan Lin wrote:

I am very sorry for what happened in this song, and I also express my sincere apologies to the other lyricist. This is a great disrespect to the original author and does not meet the expectations of my fans for this song. In order to avoid further harm to the lyricist, a decision was made to immediately remove the song [from all platforms]. I once again apologize to all parties involved.

His studio subsequently reposted his statement, stating:
“Mr. Lin Yanjun attaches great importance to copyright protection and safeguards his legal rights and interests. While remaking the song, he will be held accountable for the author suspected of plagiarizing.

In addition, Evan Lin’s management, Sony Music, also gave their response to the matter. They affirmed that while it is true that the very first version of his song, “Waiting for the Whole Winter” was created by Evan Lin and his friends before his debut, they affirmed that Evan Lin is not the individual responsible for plagiarizing the lyrics.

This year Evan Lin suggested that he wanted to re-create the first track of the album. When the song was released, some fans gave feedback that certain parts of the song – in particular three lines – were highly similar to the song “Can’t Take You” by Lu1 and Cee. The company then opened their investigations and contacted the lyricists and management team of the musicians immediately.

Sony music had expressed their sincere apologies to to the musicians Lu1, Cee, their management company and also the public at large. They have announced that the song will be re-produced and re-released again and also asked for the public to kindly supervise it.

While it may be disheartening for both the idol and his fans to receive such news, we hope that fans can be happy to learn at Evan Lin will not be giving up just yet, as he will prepare a better version of the music for his fans in time to come.

This is also not the first time an idol’s musical works has been accused of plagiarism in C-pop. This year, Singer Luhan also had to remove his MV for the song, “Slow Motion” after it was accused of plagiarising the MV of a Japanese band. 

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