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Jing Long Revealed That He Recently Had A Fungal Infection In His Ears

Former CHUANG 2021 Trainee Jing Long was recently sighted lying in a chair for a medical examination in the hospital, causing heated discussions online. Many were worried about the idol's well-being and health.

Ju Jingyi Gets Attacked By Netizens For Her “Changing” Shoulder Line Over The Years

Ju Jingyi was unwittingly pulled into the spotlight recently, when netizens identified that she appeared to have a slimmer and slimmer shoulder line over the years.

Ju Jingyi’s Shoulder Line Stirs Controversy Causing Her Studio To Rebuke Rumors

Ju Jingyi is an celebrity who is well recognized in China for her great beauty and popular acting works in the recent years. Yet, changes to her shoulder line have recently aroused heated discussions...

Billie Eilish Apologizes For Anti-Asian Slur Made In The Past

Recently, Billie Eilish came under fire for using the anti-asian slur, "chink" in three short videos. In the video, she was suspected of imitating Asian accents and Black people's accents. Some netizens accused her...

“Ancient Love Poetry” Producer Speaks Out Against Critics Calling Zhou Dongyu Too “Ugly” For The Lead Role

On June 22, Yang Xiaopei, the producer of "Ancient Love Poetry" reposted a drama review article on Weibo that was titled, "Which Part of Zhou Dongyu is Ugly?" The article review itself attacked Zhou...

“Falling Into Your Smile” Welcomes SEVENTEEN, WAYV, Joker Xue and Angela Chang As Singers For The Esports Drama OST

The long-awaited Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” is slated to premiere globally from June 23 on Youku, WeTV, Line TV, Astro TV and more.

Lin Yi Shares Skin Care Secrets To Achieve Flawless Skin

At a Lancome brand event, Lin Yi recently shared his skin care secrets: to always rest well, maintain a good state of being, and to exercise regularly.

Xiao Zhan Gets Besieged By Fans After A Hotpot Restaurant Allegedly Leaked Details of His Whereabouts

Recently, Xiao Zhan's live-stage performance for the play, "A Dream Like A Dream" went on very smoothly at its Chengdu performance venue. After the crew had wrapped up their last performance in city, the...

Zhang Yanqi To Sign With 88rising Following R1SE’s Disbandment

Former R1SE member Zhang Yanqi has announced that he will join 88rising, a mass media company to create a new music label, "SEVENATION".

Xiao Zhan and Li Qin Get Caught In Dating Rumors After Having Hotpot Together

Recently, Xiao Zhan and Li Qin were speculated to be dating as the actress appeared at the scene of the Xiao Zhan stage play celebration banquet. Some netizens even reported that the two are...

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