Ren Hao from R1SE Responds To Rumoured Ex-Girlfriend Zhao Wenrou With A Cryptic Story

Rumours have surfaced recently on the internet speculating that Renhao from boy group, R1SE, had been in a relationship with the actress Zhao Mengjie.

Such rumours arose when the actress Zhao Mengjie (whose name is “Zhao Wenrou” on Weibo) posted a long post to reveal the story of her relationship with a certain male artist, saying that the two were together in 2016 and broke up in the spring of 2020. During their relationship, she pooled her resources for that man. Knowing that he wanted to be an idol, she had decided to hide her identity as his girlfriend and made many sacrifices despite immense pressure from his management. However, after the man had debuted, his popularity skyrocketed. The fact that they were having a long-distance relationship, and with the pressure from his management company, along with outside voices became obstacles between the two. In the end, because the man frequently lied to her and repeatedly avoided the problems between them, the two broke up.

R1SE member Renhao (pictured above)

Some netizens speculated that the man referred to in the article was R1SE member Ren Hao

A few hours later, Ren Hao seemingly responded to her with a long Weibo post that told a story about the moon and the sea. The post mostly puzzled fans for its lack of clarity and robust metaphorical allusions.

In summary, the story revolved around the sea and the moon, and at the end he wrote that the moon was unable to accept the trenches that the moonlight was unable to illuminate and enter. The sea was unwilling to show its inability to endure and its frustrations to the moon. “So the sun came out, the moon left, and the sea was calm as always.”

Ren Hao’s full statement is as translated below:

I once heard a story about the sea and the moon. The sea at night is always rough and can’t be calmed. The night makes the sea look deeper and more overcast. Until the moon appears, every wave does not appear to be as slicing. It turns out that the moon has always affected the ebb and flow of the sea. Yet, the sea is constantly flowing and changing its form and shape to adopt to the changes of the earth’s terrains. What we see is only the starlight that glimmers on the sea’s surface, but we have never seen the torn trench that the sea buries it in the deepest place.

Maybe the moon can calm its surface, but it cannot accept the deep trenches from where the moonlight does not enter. However, the sea will never unleash everything in its trenches because it can see the the countless craters that has already been inflicted on the moon due to the collisions. The sea does not want to show these unbearable things and does not want to bring all its roughness to the moon, so the sun is out now, and the moon leaves the sea. The sea is now calm as it was before.

Renhao also attached a photo of the sea on fire within the same Weibo post

The short story clearly left much room for interpretation, and netizens have helped to interpret the meaning. In the top comment within the post, a netizen asked for a translation of the meaning behind his story. Another netizen gave a crisp interpretation of the post, saying “Not everyone will understand the truth and inner feelings of one, be it for the moon with kind intentions, or the sea with bad malicious intentions. Everything stops at the surface. And as such, the sun will always rise again.”

The top comment from within his post has been rather critical, stating “So? Last year from June until this spring this year, you could have just said you were in a relationship. What’s the point of saying such ambiguous stuff? Why is it every time there is not even a single intention to apologize?”


Renhao is not the only boy group member who has faced criticism over the method in which he had responded to relationship rumours, as UNIQ member Li Wenhan also recently faced criticisms for the way he handled relationship rumours with actress Yi Yi Zi.

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