The Rap of China 2020 Released Theme Song “RAPSTAR”, Lineup Attracts Major Attention

The Rap of China 2020 Released Theme Song “RAPSTAR”, Lineup Attracts Major Attention

On the 10th of August,《The Rap of China 2020》aired《RAPSTAR》, the theme song for the Chinese rap competition show, which starred Kris Wu, Will Pan, Jane Zhang, GAI and Jay Park.

Among the list of star-studded judges, American-born Korean rapper Jay Park had prepared a big paragraph of Chinese rap for the show. He even skillfully blended a traditional Chinese move into his rap – he bowed with clasped hands to express blessings at the end of his segment, interacting with Kris Wu. Whereas Jane Zhang integrated rapping elements into her dolphin-like pitch and vocals, which was an interesting combination.

Lately, 《The Rap of China 2020》revealed the contestants’ self-introduction clips. Many of them were hilarious and adorable, which grabbed the attention of fans and supporters. The crew of 《The Rap of China 2020》prepared 500 spots for cameras to live-stream the auditions of potential contestants. This is only a sneak peek of the survival show, and the audience already can’t wait to watch the first episode.

Kris Wu in 《The Rap of China 2020》
Wilber Pan in 《The Rap of China 2020》
Jane Zhang in 《The Rap of China 2020》
GAI in 《The Rap of China 2020》
Jay Park in 《The Rap of China 2020》

The theme song《RAPSTAR》had sparkled a hot debate online, with a strong guest line-up.

Theme Song- 《RAPSTAR》

With more and more variety shows being released, there are currently  popular survival shows coming up, in which rap competition program 《The Rap of China 2020》aroused general concerns. Ever since the beginning of filming and production, this particular show gained most of the attention – not only inviting Kris Wu, Will Pan, Jane Zhang, GAI and Jay Park as celebrity judges/producers, but even increasing the audience’s anticipation by making the competition between contestants more intense. Some of the songs that contestants brought into the show may even go viral, allowing audiences to feel the shock and thrill that hiphop culture brings by battling under these tough conditions.

The theme song 《RAPSTAR》is a big hit, with the anticipation of newly arrived guests.

As the anticipation around the variety show increased, many couldn’t wait for the show’s announcement of the theme song.《RAPSTAR》 had different parts of the mentors’ stunning performances assembled together into one. In the music video of the theme song, not only the royal European atmosphere was felt, but the combination of the celebrity producers’ astonishing performances created a grand opening to the survival show. Jane Zhang had especially broke her usual style and portrayed a cool and charismatic image in front of the contestants. After the broadcast of 《Older Sisters Who Brave the Winds and Waves》(乘风破浪的姐姐) , Jane Zhang let her own light shine in this show as she continues to be flexible in making changes to herself whenever possible for the remainder of the show.

As a survival show aimed at rappers and hip hop culture, the program had invited a strong line-up of producers. The audience was most concerned with who the contestants are, as well as the format of the show. There were joyful interactions among KOLs (key opinion leaders), such as GIAO and Yaoshui in the preview of the show. Besides, there is a mix of OG rappers and new generation rappers in this season. With such an exceptional line-up and intense performances, surely the audience will have a lot to look forward for from this show.

Experienced mentors and rappers like Kris Wu, Will Pan, and GAI Zhou Yan from previous seasons of 《The Rap of China》also joined the screening of this season. What shocked the audience most is that Jane Zhang and Jay Park are also participating in 《The Rap of China 2020》. As a renowned singer, most audience thought that Jane Zhang would not have any participation with survival shows dedicated to hip hop. The Rap of China Cypher (referring to theme song) had revealed her talents in rapping, breaking away from her usual style. Many are excited about her choices of rapper contenstants in this show.

Jay Park’s participation in the show is indeed a surprise to everyone. Jay Park debuted as the leader of a Korean idol group – 2PM.  Although he puts all his effort into music creation, netizens thought that he would not be too familiar with rapping. In addition, Jay Park had been focusing his career on music production in recent years. Audiences all hope that he will provide them with even more stunning performances in 《The Rap of China 2020》.

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