Fanxy Red Profile and Facts

Group Name: Fanxy Red (pronounced as “fancy red”)
Members: Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Lin Fan
Fandom Name: Diamonds
Fandom Colors: True Red (#BF1932)
Management Company: TOV Entertainment partnered with E.A. Stars (东亚星光)
Date of Debut: April 28 2017 (as Acrush), August 28 2019 (as Fanxy Red)
Latest Comeback MV:  T.O.P. (Korean)
Weibo page: FANXYRED组合
Douyin page: 2014799929
Instagram page: fanxyredofficial 
Youtube page: toventertainment
V Live:  Fanxy Red

Group Album/Singles

《行动派》Action | 2017 (Single)
《I’m Sorry》| 2017 (Single)
 Activate | 2019 (Album)

Latest MV/Song Comeback


In 2018 their company, Zhejiang Huati Culture Media, stopped supporting Acrush (the original debut name). Fanxy Red was then renamed and saved from disbandment by their former dance teacher, Yoon (also known as AKAYOON) who founded TOV Entertainment in 2019.

Although Fanxy Red debuted in Korea and are under a Korean company, they are considered C-pop as currently all their activities and promotions take place in China.

Lu Keran

Name: Lu Keran
Chinese Name: 陆柯燃
Stage Name: K
Nicknames:  柯柯 (Keke), 小陆公主 (Princess Xiao Lu), 燃妹 (Ran-mei)
Role: Leader, Main dancer
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 7 1995
Place Of Birth: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Pig
Height: 174cm
Weight: 51kg
Occupation: Idol
Associated Acts: Member of THE9 (active)

Lu Keran Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: THE9-陆柯燃 
Instagram:  k_lukeran
Oasis: THE9-陆柯燃
Douyin: 4630740 

Lu Keran Facts
– Lu Keran cut her hair at the age of 10 and has kept it that way since. Unfortunately,  she has expressed her traditional family was not always accepting of her style and career path.
– Prior to becoming an idol, Lu Keran’s dream was to attend a sports school and pursue competitive fencing.
– In compliance with her parents wishes, Lu Keran graduated from Nanjing University to become a bank teller.
– However, she realized she should be the one to decide on her career path and quietly pursued becoming an idol. At one point, Lu Keran’s family even cut off communication with her because they believed she was just playing around and should be married with a stable job in her 20s instead of the little initial successful career she consistently chased despite disbandment, regrouping, and moving to Korea.
– When Fanxy Red lived in Korea, Lu Keran worked hard to learn Korean and English to better communicate with fans during vlives.
– Throughout < Youth With You 2 > Lu Keran’s goal was to prove her parents wrong and show that she can shine on stage. For most of the show, she never even entered the top nine, but in the end she was the darkhorse.
– Lu Keran’s final rank moved from 14 to 9 allowing her to debut in THE9.
– At the end, Lu Keran’s family finally recognized her efforts and welcomed her home again.
– She often practices long hours because as the group’s leader, Lu Keran hopes to set a good example.
– Lu Keran said being on < Youth With You 2 > made her into a crybaby.
– In her free time, she enjoys collecting perfumes. Lu Keran said if she wasn’t an idol, perhaps she would make perfumes instead.
– Lu Keran really enjoys reading fan letters, she will start reading them in the car directly after work, and even use a translation machine to understand international fans.
– In Fanxy Red, Lu Keran often teases the members; however, in THE9 she is the one that gets teased the most.
– Her group members describe her as appearing cold and aloof on the outside, but on the inside she is warm and clingy to those close to her.
– Her favourite animal is a pig and she will often refer to other people as pigs. Every member in Fanxy Red has an animal that represents them,  Lu Keran is often represented by a pig or cat.

Lu Keran Fandom Facts
– Her fans are called Croissants (可颂  kěsòng) because the “ke 柯 “ in Lu Keran sounds like the “ke 可”  in croissant
– Lu Keran’s fandom colour is called “Radiant” (焕燃色) consisting of a yellow (#F2D846) and orange (#EE781E) gradient
– Lu Keran has an official fanbase called Lu Keran Global Fan Club
– Weibo: 陆柯燃全球粉丝后援会 | Twitter: @LuKeranFanClub 

Variety Show Appearances 

Youth With You 2 《青春有你2》 | 2020
Go Fighting! S6 EP12 《极限挑战》| 2020
Let’s Party《非日常派对》| 2020


An Junxi

Name: An Junxi
Chinese Name: 安俊浠
Stage Name: Roy
Nicknames: 俊俊 (Junjun), 肉一 (Roy), 小狐狸 (Little fox)
Role: All-rounder, main rapper
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 28 1995
Place Of Birth: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Aries (Year of the Pig)
Height: 169cm (5’5”)
Weight: 50kg
Occupation: Idol

An Junxi Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: 安俊浠Roy
Instagram: roy_anjuxni
Oasis: 2297137311
Douyin: AJX0328
RED: 183398514 

An Junxi Facts
– Since she was a child, An Junxi studied traditional Chinese dance.
– An Junxi has been good friends with Lu Keran since predebut and they decided to become trainees and chase their dream of becoming an idol together.
– An Junxi is known for her “short-temper” and sounding aggressive, but her bandmates describe her as having a warm heart on the inside.
– She is very articulate in livestreams and interviews, so An Junxi often acts like the “spokesperson” of the group.
– She loves minions and has a huge collection of figurines and stuffed animal minions.
– Has a dog named “Money” that has sometimes lived with Fanxy Red in the dorms.
– Every member in Fanxy Red has an animal that represents them,  An Junxi is represented by a fox. 

An Junxi Fandom Facts
– An Junxi’s fans are called Bacteria (细菌 xìjūn) because it is pronounced like her name backwards
– An Junxi’s fandom colour is “Amber Pink” (琥珀粉) consisting of a pastel purple (#E1DBFF) and rose pink (#F9C6C9) gradient
– An Junxi has an official fanbase called “An Junxi ROY Global Fan Club”
– Fansite Weibo:  安俊浠ROY全球粉丝后援会 

An Junxi’s Singles

边缘世界》”FAKER” Single | 2020 

Variety Show Appearances 

The Rap of China S4《中国说唱》| 2020

An Junxi’s Latest Song

《边缘世界》”FAKER” Single | 2020


Peng Xichen

Name: Peng Xichen
Chinese Name: 彭兮辰
Stage Name: Shawn
Nicknames: 辰辰 (Chenchen), 金色喇叭 (Golden trumpet)
Role: Main vocal
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 24 1995
Place Of Birth: Changsha, Hunan, China
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign: Gemini pig
Height: 169cm (5’5”)
Weight: 51kg
Occupation: Idol

Peng Xichen Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: 彭兮辰Shawn
Instagram: shawn_pengxichen
Oasis: 彭兮辰Shawn
Douyin: 8208343
RED: 785271980 

Peng Xichen Facts

– Prior to becoming an idol, Peng Xichen did Saloon and Latin dancing wearing long dresses. However in her old college photos, she has her hair cut short.
– Peng Xichen is soft-spoken, her group members describe her as independent-minded and that she’s often “in her own world”
– Peng Xichen wrote the lyrics for Watching Star (守望星) on their latest album. The lyrics express that Diamonds are the stars watching over Fanxy Red, shining on them, and giving them courage in their journey.
– Peng Xichen said if she wasn’t an idol, perhaps she would own a tiny clothing shop or restaurant.
– Every member in Fanxy Red has an animal that represents them,  Peng Xichen is represented by a lamb because fans joke she is similar to one.

Peng Xichen Fandom Facts

– Peng Xichen’s fans are called Castles  (城堡 chéngbǎo) because it sounds similar to Chen babies ( 辰宝 chénbǎo) which she also used to use
– Peng Xichen’s fandom colour is “Star Blue” (#BADFF1)
– Peng Xichen has an official fanbase called “Peng Xichen Shawn Official Fan Club”
Weibo: 彭兮辰Shawn官方后援会

Peng Xichen Album/Singles

《再说爱你》”Say I Love You Again” Single | 2018
《某个夏天》“Somewhere it’s Summer” Single | 2018
《TA》 Single | 2018


Lin Fan

Name: Lin Fan
Chinese Name: 林凡
Stage Name: Marco
Nicknames: 凡凡 (Fanfan) 土豆大王 (Potato queen) 凡姿 (Fanzi) 马姐 (Ma-jie)
Role: Rapper
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 2 1998
Place Of Birth: Yibin, Sichuan, China
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 176cm (5’8”)
Weight: 54kg
Occupation: Idol

Lin Fan Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: 林凡Marcooo
Instagram: marco_linfan
Oasis: 林凡Marcooo
Douyin: 35059644
RED: 19981002lf 

Lin Fan Facts

– Lin Fan left to become a trainee directly out of high school, before this and during her training she helped foster a number of cats and dogs to be adopted.
– In all of her childhood photos, Lin Fan has always preferred her hair short and an androgynous style but can fit cute concepts and cool concepts equally well.
– Also while a trainee and participating in a debuted group, Lin Fan went to an art school in Chengdu to complete a degree in advertising design.
– Lin Fan has long regarded Kris Wu as her idol
– Since she was a child, Lin Fan had always dreamed of becoming an idol and looked up to Chris Lee, but kept her dream quiet. Her friends and family thought she was too naive and thought she was just dreaming. However, she kept working hard to make it happen. She expressed that it wasn’t always easy to keep up with other trainees because she would practice twice as long to still be half as good. However, she has been improving a lot recently.
– Lin Fan shared in an interview that their time in Korea was difficult. When they first arrived, they rented a basement, had no mattresses, and couldn’t afford blankets. She expressed that it was too painful, and she wants to continue working hard now so she doesn’t end up like that again.
– When Fanxy Red lived in Korea, Lin Fan worked hard to learn Korean.
– In the program < Youth With You 2 > Lin Fan was eliminated at rank 21 (one away from making the finals), but she didn’t cry. Instead, she comforted everyone else and kept smiling through it.
– Fanxy Red members describe Lin Fan as naive and warm-hearted, often paying attention to little details and the emotions of others on top of being personable which helps her obtain a lot of friends easily.
– In an interview, Lin Fan said in Fanxy Red she plays the role of “the rapper, the liveliness/mood setter, the funny one, and the domestic one”
– She often cooks for people especially potato dishes as they are her favourite food
– She wrote all the lyrics to the songs on her latest EP by herself
– On her < Youth With You 2 > trainee profile, Lin Fan wrote that her specialty is “imitating a cat and dog arguing”
– Lin Fan loves animals, especially cats (even though she’s allergic), and will always interact with them whenever she sees them
– Every member in Fanxy Red has an animal that represents them,  Lin Fan is represented by a dog.
– Lin Fan keeps all her fan letters collected in a box and the stuffed animal gifts she receives are all lined up on her couch.


Lin Fan Fandom Facts

– Her fans are called ice creams 冰淇淋 because the ”林 lin” in her name sounds similar to the” 淋 lin” in ice cream, but sometimes she will refer to her fans as 土豆崽子” tǔdòu zǎizi” (potato seedlings)
– Lin Fan’s fandom colour is Ivy Green (#3D7D53)
– Lin Fan has an official fanbase called “Lin Fan Global Fan Club”
Weibo: 林凡全球粉丝后援会 

Lin Fan Album/Singles

梵Cloud (Fan Cloud) EP | 2020
《All Right》Single | 2020
《5:04》Single | 2020
《感受无限》”Feeling Infinite” Single | 2020


Variety Show Appearances

Youth With You 2 《青春有你2》 | 2020
Mango TV Music Festival《青春芒果节 2020》| 2020


Idol’s Latest MV/Song Comeback

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