Top 5 Best Chinese Drama Romance OSTs For 2021, So Far

Romantic Chinese dramas are indeed irresistible. Once you got hooked, you can no longer run. The soundtracks in every important scene of the Chinese drama can help in setting off the mood and make the viewers catch the same feels and emotions of the characters on the screen. Come and listen with us as we list our top 5 romantic Chinese drama ost recommendation from the first quarter dramas of 2021. 

5. Tangerine Dream (橙色的梦) by Zeng Pei Ci

Photo from drama Remember my boy starring Bubble Zhu Lin and Daniel Zhou Keyu
Photo from drama Remember my boy starring Bubble Zhu Lin and Daniel Zhou Keyu

As suggested in the title, this song shows youthful love and vitality. The sweet melody and upbeat record match the overall mood of the story. There is also an uplifting and hopeful tone that encourages and makes your day become better. It is a good choice to express a story that revolves around the puppy love of two totally polar opposite classmates who gradually developed attachments with one another. The tangerine or orange color expresses happy and energizing feelings which are very natural for youthful love. You can also feel the sparkling passion towards the end of the song.

4. I’m In Love (心动) by Liu Yu Ning

DT, Appledog's Time
Photo from drama GoGo Squid 2: DT, Appledog’s Time starring Hu Yi Tian and Li Yi Tong

This is one of the best songs in the series to show Wubai’s love for his idol, Aiqing. The song is quite short however, the emotional delivery of Liu Yuning has expressed the feelings of loneliness and anticipation brought by love. Among the songs on this list, this may be on the heavier side, however, this is still love. This song gives the feeling “you can only feel the sweetness of love because you have felt its bitterness”. But do not worry because the cp in this story got their happily ever after.

3. Words Of The Wind (风的话) – Chen Zhuo Xuan

My Little Happiness
Photo from drama My Little Happiness starring Daddi Tang Xiao Tian and Xing Fei

Words of the wind is another super sweet song on our list from one of the sweetest dramas of 2021. The singer, Chen Zhuoxuan of Bonbon Girls 303 really did a great job in delivering this song as the Chinese drama’s opening soundtrack. Same as the drama, the song is light, catchy, and good enough to make our hearts swoon. By listening to the song, we can also feel the nostalgic vibes and the feeling of “a happy first love”.

2. If You Well, Then All is Well (若你安好便是晴天) by Jin Zhi Wen 

Sunshine of My Life
Sunshine of My Life Starring Hans Zhang and Xulu

The romantic vibe of the sax indeed makes this song a ‘real deal’. You can feel the calmness and softness of the melody and at the same time, the deepness and tenderness of Jin Zhiwen’s vocals. I can totally imagine myself listening to the song while feeling the summer breeze or sitting in a cafe on a light rainy day. The song is really pleasing to listen to and gives everyone a soothing feeling of love.

1. Accident (意外) by Leaf and Chen Xue Ran

You Are My Hero chinese drama
Photo from drama You Are My Hero starring Bai Jing Ting and Sandra Ma Si Chun

This song is the only duet song on this list but it is not the only reason why it is our top song. A great ost means that even when the Chinese drama has ended, the listener can still remember the story and the feelings every time they play the song. This ost perfectly expresses the sweet feeling of being in love for the first time — very simple yet magical. The perfect harmony of the singers as well as the heartfelt melody and arrangement make this song ‘one of the best romance drama osts to listen to’.

We hope that you enjoy the songs. Tell us your favorites on this list and any recommended songs that you want us to listen to by commenting them down below ~

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