Wei Da Xun Facts and Profile

Wei Da Xun Facts and Profile

Name: Wei Da Xun
Chinese Name: Wei da Xun
Gender: Male
Height: 183cm
Weight: 75kg
Place of Birth: Jilin Province, China
Date of Birth: 12th April, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Occupation: Actor and Singer
Alma Mater: Central Academy of Drama (Beijing)
Agency: JYP entertainment

Facts About Wei Daxun
– Wei Daxun is a Chinese actor born in Jilin Province, China
– He enjoys playing the piano
– Wei Da Xun is the first Chinese actor to be signed to JYP Entertainment
– His favourite colors are black and white
– He loves to go to the gym. His favourite sports include swim and also playing basketball
– He likes the manga “Once Piece”
– He enjoys the songs sung by the popular Chinese singer, Wang Feng

Wei Da Xun’s Ideal Type
– Wei Da Xun has stated publicly that his ideal type is actress Yang Mi
– As of 2019, he is rumoured to be dating popular Chinese actress, Yang Mi though both sides have yet to officially confirm the relationship

Wei Da Xun Movies
1911(辛亥革命) | 2011 – As Wu Yuzhang
Crossing the Border    (非常之恋) | 2012- As Wu Yi
Forever Young (栀子花开)| 2015 – Zhang Zaichang
Fighting Youth (我是奋青) | 2015 – He Xi
Honey Enemy (情敌蜜月)| 2015 – Cameo Role
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (握紧你的手)| 2015 – Li Gang
The Light (減法人生 ) |  2016 – As Guan Xiaokang
Fight for Love (因为爱情) | 2017 – As Li He
What a Wonderful Family (麻烦家族) |2017 – As Wen Cong
The Last Wish (小小的愿望) | 2019 – As Zhang Zhengyang
Somewhere Winter (大约在冬季) | 2019 – As Yu Feng
Begin, Again(亲爱的新年好) | 2019 – As Zhong Yao

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