Xiao Zhan Ranks Top In TC Candler’s 100 Most Handsome Faces In The Asia-Pacific Region

TC Candler recently announced their Top 100 List of Most Handsome Faces In The Asia-Pacific Region, and many Chinese celebrities have been included in the list.

Xiao Zhan Most Handsome Face in Asia 2020 TC Candler
Xiao Zhan Most Handsome Face in Asia 2020 TC Candler

Emerging as the first ranked Most Handsome Face in Asia for 2020 is none other than the popular actor Xiao Zhan! This is not the first time he has ranked first out of all 100 nominees, all of which come from South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and more.  Last year, Xiao Zhan was also named as the most handsome face in Asia by TC Candler (which is the parent company of TCC Asia).

Similarly, he also ranked top this year in the list of the Top 100 Most Influential Celebrities in China in a voting round previously held by TCC Asia.

Xiao Zhan ranks top as the Most Handsome Face of Asia 2020

In TCC Asia’s video announcing the rankings of the respective individuals, it included comments from the international media, Sense Magazine

The international media has described Xiao Zhan in the video saying, “He is the beautiful person with a beautiful soul who can inspire others with the positive energy”

While the Media Company SENSE also added a comment saying that “His smile is one that is infectious, and that he is also a hardworking and warm man”.

Fan comments on the video also include, “Xiao Zhan, a new day starts with the thought of you, so everyday is a day full of hope and positive energy!”

Congratulations to the actor for his second successive award as the most handsome face in Asia!

In the meantime, Chinese actresses have also made it to the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces in Asia this 2020! You can view the list of top 10 actresses here. 

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