The 100 Most Influential Faces in China in 2020 by TCC Asia

TCCAsia, the subsidiary of TC Candler, has released the list of top 100 Most Influential Faces in China just today. In case you may not already know, TC Candler is the creator of the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year.

In the final round of voting among Chinese netizens on Weibo, the top 100 faces were selected from a pool of 300 celebrities.

The criteria for “influence” included the number of reposts each celebrity received on Weibo and the amount of votes collected from the fans among others. Fan votes accounted for 50% of the final results.

To view the full list of the top 100 most influential celebrities in China, check out the video below:


Aside from the actors from the hit drama, “The Untamed”, many C-pop band members were also on the list, including those from THE9, NEX7, UNINE, WAY V, Rocket Girls and more!

Are you now ready for the results of the Top 10 most influential celebrities? Scroll down and check it out with us!

10. Yang Zi (Andy)

With over 55 million followers on Weibo and numerous successful dramas under her belt, including “Go Go Squid!” and “Ashes of Love under” her belt, it is a small wonder why she made it onto the list. Yang Zi has also been touted as one of the “Four Dan Actresses of the post-90s Generation,” a testament to her soaring popularity these days.

9. Li Xian

Li Xian has also made it onto the list, just one rank above his “Go Go Squid!” co-star, Yang Zi! His popularity has been skyrocketing ever since the release of the aforementioned drama, which was ranked the 2nd most popular drama in China after “Story of Yanxi Palace” in 2019. With a group of loyal fans on Weibo and his many endorsements with big brands such as Estee Lauder, his place is well deserved!

8. Yi Yang Qian Xi (Jackson Yee)

The main dancer of China’s hottest boy group, TF Boys is without a doubt one of the most well-known names in the media industry. With nearly 85 million Weibo followers and as one of the most widely endorsed celebrities in China, it’s safe to say that his place is well deserved!

7. Hua Chen Yu

Popular singer-songwriter Hua Chen Yu has been touted as one of China’s brightest C-pop stars. He has most recently broken his own record yet again – by selling out his 2019 concert tickets within 3 seconds in a stadium with 40 000 seating capacity! The recently crowned Champion of Singer 2020 continues to have a successful career, with his latest album “New World” selling out 500 000 in pre-order digital sales within 20 minutes of its release!

6. Tan Song Yun (Seven)

Actress Tan Song Yun is best known for her roles in the TV Dramas such as “The Whirlwind Girl”, “With You” and “The Fox’s Summer.” Last year, she was also listed by Forbes China in their 30 Under 30 (Asia list) which consisted of 30 influential individuals under the age of 30 who have made a substantial impact in their respective fields.

5. Dilireba (Dilraba Dilmurat)

The Uyghur actress, singer and model is one of the most popular and in-demand brand ambassadors in China! She has also taken up numerous lead roles in dramas such as “Love Designer“, “Eternal Love of Dream”, “The Flame’s Daughter” and more! With over 60 million followers on Weibo and frequently sighted topping both the VLinkage Charts as well as Weibo TV Charts, her popularity as one of China’s top female celebrities is certainly beyond doubt.

4. Gao Wei Guang (Vengo)

The dashing Gao Wei Guang most recently starred in the fantasy romance drama, “Eternal Love of Dream,” alongside Dilireba. He has also won many awards recently, including Best Actor for the 26th Huading Awards and the Breakthrough Award by Tencent videos in 2019!

3. Li Wen Han

Li Wenhan is otherwise best known as the centre of UNINE, who initially debuted as part of the Korean-Chinese boy band, UNIQ. Having emerged as the top contestant for the survival show, “Idol Producer 2” last year, he made numerous variety show appearances previously including on “Super Nova Games: Season 2.” He will also take part in the variety “Hot Blooded Youth” slated to air this year!

2. Wang Yibo 

The male lead from the hit drama, “The Untamed” has seen his popularity explode in China following the show’s massive success. Even before “The Untamed”, Wang Yibo has had a loyal fan base from his debut with UNIQ in Korea. His further appearances as the Dance Mentor for “Produce 101 China”, and also in dramas such as “Gank Your Heart” and “A Chinese Odyssey 3.” He is still a regular host of the variety show, “Day Day Up” and is certainly one of the hottest rising young Chinese stars of this decade!

1. Xiao Zhan (Sean Xiao)

After taking on the role of the main protagonist in “The Untamed,” Xiao Zhan has seen a huge surge in popularity within the past year! His name is often seen trending on Weibo as soon as he updates social media, be it with a selfie or a status. His latest single released this year, “Light”, has also sold over 35 million copies to date! During the 2019 New Years Eve Countdown, Xiao Zhan was even invited to appear on National TV in China, showcasing his undeniable popularity in recent times. In 2019, Xiao Zhan was also ranked as the 6th Most Handsome Face Worldwide by TC Candler!

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s edition of the Top 100 Most Influential Faces in China.

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