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YueHua Entertainment Confirms that UNIQ’s Affairs Are No Longer Handled by Employee Zhou Lan

On June 24th, Yue Hua Entertainment issued an official statement on Weibo regarding the unprofessional behaviour of their employee, Zhou Lan.

Zhou Lan was previously responsible for handling the promotions of the boy group UNIQ

Zhou Lan was previously responsible for handling the promotions of the boy group UNIQ, which also included the management of their Weibo page. Yue Hua has confirmed that Zhou Lan has ceased working with UNIQ completely since November in 2019.

Their official statement reads as follows:

Our employee, Zhou Lan, has not been responsible for any UNIQ related publicity matters since November 2019. The UNIQ’s official Weibo account (@UNIQ_OFFICIAL) has also since been handled by other staff members. At present, the company’s fan operations department has also taken over all communications with the fans.

Regarding the controversial issues arising from Zhou Lan’s work, the company will fully investigate the matter thoroughly and take all necessary actions in a manner that will not allow for any injustice.

Our company places great importance on the professional behaviour of our employees and we will not allow employees to be motivated by individual gains or to use the resources of the company to pursue personal needs. Adhering to professional ethics and fulfilling their job scope appropriately are basic principles that all employees should adhere to. The company has always taken a serious attitude on such matters and will mete out punishments should there be any violations of these basic principles.

The statement comes as fans of Wang Yibo appealed to Yue Hua to treat Zhou Lan’s unprofessional attitude towards them more seriously.

What Happened?

Fans of Wang Yibo brought up the appeal to Yue Hua Entertainment regarding the unprofessional behaviour of Zhou Lan

The situation was brought to the attention of Yue Hua Entertainment when fans of Wang Yibo discovered that Zhou Lan, was being unprofessional in her communications with them.

Fans of Wang Yibo have alleged that she had made use of her position as staff at Yue Hua to chase her idols, and that she also opened a fan club to support artists of a competing entertainment company. Others also suspected that she had inappropriately disclosed information on previous occasions.

As more and more fans started to voice their displeasure towards Zhou Lan, many have rallied for Zhou Lan to resign from Yuehua Entertainment, with her name trending at the 21st position on Weibo this afternoon.


Fans of Wang Yibo react to Yue Hua Entertainment’s statement

In Wang Yibo’s Weibo super topic discussion, some fans have changed their profile pictures to plead for Yue Hua to deal with Zhou Lan’s behaviour immediately. Others have also changed their display picture to read, “Zhou Lan Resign.”

Some fans have changed their display picture to read “Yue Hua Entertainment Look At The Appeals by Fans” 

Others have changed their display pictures to “Zhou Lan Resign.”

While some fans are glad to see that Yue Hua has officially addressed the issue, top comments on its Weibo post include “Please give Wang Yibo a professional fan operations team dedicated to communicating with his fans”, while others also said “Zhou Lan was still responsible for communicating with fans when it came to purchasing tickets to watch ‘Street Dance of China 3’. Why is that so?”

Top comments ask for Yue Hua Entertainment to establish a team of staff dedicated to dealing with fans of Wang Yibo

For now, Yue Hua Entertainment has announced the intentions to start investigations to look into this matter. Hopefully by then, fans can understand the truth of the matter.

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