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Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo (王一博) is a C-pop singer, dancer, host, professional motorbike racer and idol from the boy band, UNIQ. He is born on August 5, 1997 in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China. He is best known for his role in “The Untamed”, “Legend of Fei” and “Gank Your Heart”. He is also a resident host for the Hunan TV variety show, “Day Day Up.”


Wang Yibo
Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo
Chinese Name: 王一博
Nickname(s): 白牡丹、小王子、王甜甜、酷盖
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 5th, 1997
Place Of Birth: Luoyang, China
Nationality: Chinese
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign:
179 cm
Weight: 59kg
Occupation: Singer, Actor, Rapper and Emcee
Agency: Yuehua Entertainment
Associated Acts: UNIQ

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: @UNIQ-王一博
Official Promotional Page: @YIBO-OFFICIAL
Oasis: @UNIQ-王一博
Douyin: @UNIQ-王一博
Instagram: @yibo.w_85

Fandom Facts

Wang Yibo said in an interview that his fans are called “YAMAHA” (雅马哈)
– However, his fans more commonly call themselves “MTJJ” which means motorbike sister (摩托姐姐)
– His fans have joking complained that Wang Yibo loves motorbikes so much (his favourite brand is Yamaha) that even his fans have to become motorbikes for him
– His fandom color is Green
– He is the only child of the family with no siblings
– His favorite colour is green
– His fandom fanchant is “博一博,单车变摩托” (Bó yī bó, dānchē biàn mótuō)
– Wang Yibo’s official fanclub is called “Wang Yibo Bar” on Weibo


– Wang Yibo is born in Luoyang, China (Henan Province)
– Wang Yibo is born in the year of the Ox
– He is fluent in Korean, Chinese and English
– Wang Yibo is also the main dance rapper, vocalist and visual of UNIQ
– He is the maknae and face of the Korean-Chinese boyband, UNIQ
– Wang Yibo started dancing when he was young and joined a dance competition in 2011, where he emerged as the top 16 hip-hop and got recruited as a trainee for Yuehua Entertainment
– Wang Yibo went to Korea as a trainee to learn dancing alone at age 13.
– He trained for 4 years day and night and did not return home
– He is fluent in Korean as a result of spending his early career there
– Initially Wang Yibo’s mom did not want him to become an idol, but his grandma stepped in to let her know that she should ‘let him do whatever he wants’, which ultimately led to Yibo pursuing his career as an idol
– Wang Yibo attended Hanlim Multi Art School in Korea
– He is a talented beatboxer and can play Yo-yo very well. He is also a seasoned skateboarder
– Wang Yibo also likes perform magic tricks
– He is often viewed as someone who is ‘cold’ towards strangers but he claims that he’s just someone who takes time to warm up to new friends
– His hobbies include racing competitively on his motorbike
– Wang Yibo was a professional racer as a part of Yahama China Racing team
– Wang Yibo does not like horror movies and sleeps with his lights on as he is terrified of ghosts.
– He also keeps the TV on when he lives in hotels
– When asked to pick what he could not live without doing, ‘Dancing, Skateboarding or Motorbike racing’, Yibo chose dancing
– Wang Yibo’s star sign is Leo, similar to UNIQ bandmate Cho Seungyoun! That’s why they are known as “Leo Twins”
– Wang Yibo does not like insects. Co-actor Xiao Zhan teased him by chasing him with a bug on the film set of “The Untamed”
– He was a dance mentor on the show Produce 101 China
– Wang Yibo’s favourite movies include Spiderman and Fast and Furious
– He loves sports, aside from motorbiking he also likes swimming, bowling and playing basketball
– Some of his favourite artists include Big Bang, Blackpink, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, A$AP, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar
– Wang Yibo became good friends with co-star Xiao Zhan after working together on “The Untamed.”
– They were supposed to go on a snowboarding trip together in early 2019, however due to Xiao Zhan’s busy schedule Wang Yibo ultimately went alone
– Wang Yibo found Xiao Zhan the most approachable person in the Untamed cast
– Wang Yibo almost did not get the role as Lan Wangji in the Untamed according to the production, however after having a face-to-face meeting with the idol, the show’s directors ultimately decided that he had a “cold” aura that suited the role well
– Yue Hua’s CEO Duhua described Yibo as someone “who never complained” as a trainee and always persevered which led to his debut with UNIQ
– Wang Yibo is an active host in the variety show Day Day Up
– His favourite motorbike racer is Italian motorcycle road racer Valentino Rossi
– Wang Yibo received an autograph from Valentino Rossi on his birthday in 2020
– Wang Yibo’s motorbike racer mononym is “Tracer 85”
– In August of 2019, Wang Yibo represented the Yamaha China Racing Team to take part in the the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) and won.
– His first race competition was originally supposed to be in May 2013, but due to some mechanical issues with his bike, he was forced to pull out of the race.
-This was a huge disappointment for him and he also publicly cried into his motorbike helmet
– Wang Yibo named the actor Eddie Peng Yuyan as someone he admires.
– He hopes to be a successful and versatile actor like him
– Wang Yibo had no acting background and picked up acting on his own.
He denied rumours that he was dating Dou Zi in 2021

Ideal Type

– For now, Wang Yibo says that prefers a girl who is older than him and on the skinny side
– He likes girls with long hair
– He likes it when a girl acts cute towards him
– He doesn’t like girls who restrict his freedom.
– He likes a girl with her own strength of character
– If he makes his girlfriend angry he will hold her in his arms and apologize to her
– He said that while the girl shouldn’t restrict his freedom, he should be allowed to be in the know of her whereabouts

Variety Shows

– The Best Debut | 2014
– After School Club | 2015
– Happy Camp | 2015
– Weekly Idol | 2015
– Day Day Up |  Since 2015 – Present
– Produce 101 China | 2018
– One More Try | 2019
– Let’s Sacalaca | 2020 (Guest)
– Street Dance Of China 3 | 2020

TV Series

– Love Actually (人间至味是清欢) | 2017 – Zhai Zhiwei
– When We Are Young (青春最好时) | 2017 – Lin Jiayi
– Gank Your Heart (陪你到世界之巅) | 2019 – Ji Xiang Kong
– The Untamed (陈情令) | 2019 – Lan Wang Ji
– Private Sushan College (私立蜀山学园) | 2020 – Teng Jing
– Legend of Fei (有翡)| 2020 – Xie Yun
– Being A Hero (冰雨火) | 2021 – Chen Yu
– Luoyang | TBA (风起洛阳) – Bai Li Hong Yi


– MBA Partners | 2016 – Zhao ShuYu
– A Chinese Odyssey 3| 2016 – Red boy
– Live For Real (热舞吧!青春) | 2018- Lin Jin
– Crystal Sky of Yesterday (少年心事) | 2018 – Qi Jingxuan


– The Rules of My World (我的世界守则) | 2020
– Xi Wei (熹微) – Legend of Fei OST | 2020
– Won’t Forget (不忘) – Lan Wangji “The Untamed” OST| 2019
– Unrestrained (无羁)| 2019
– Lucky | 2019
– Fire | 2019
– Heart Affairs of the Youth (年少心事)|2018
– The Shadow of the Shark (鲨影) | 2018
– Just Dance | 2017
– Once Again (二次初恋) –  | 2017
– My Dream | 2016

Awards and Recognitions

Sina Film & TV Awards for Most Popular Variety Male Artist | 2019
China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival Drama Awards for Most Popular Actor | 2019
26th Huading Awards Top 10 Favorite Actors | 2019
GQ 2019 Men Breakthrough Actor of the Year | 2019
Tencent Music Entertainment Awards Song of The Year “Unrestrained” (无羁)|2019
6th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China Tourism Ambassador | 2019
QQ Interest Blog Appreciation Night Male Artiste of the Year | 2018
Sina Best Taste New Artist of the Year | 2017
iFeng Fashion Choice Most Popular New Actor | 2017
Weibo TV Online Video Awards Ceremony New Artists of The Year | 2017
Asian Influence Awards Ceremy Best New Actor | 2017
Top Chinese Music Awards Best New Idol | 2017

Awards and Recognitions

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  2. Hi yibo don’t you have tik tok account anymore cause I would love to chat to you cause I think you are the most kind hearted person and such a lovely person I’ve been following you since I’ve seen u on the untamed and on legend of fei and I also think u are the most handsome actor I’ve seen in along time and I know you can talk English so I would love to be able to chat with you if you had tik tok or an account which no one else hack’s as some one tried to pretend to be u and hacked my phone and so i lost my Samsung account and all my photos and everything so it would be really nice if I could talk to the real yibo cause I know for a fact you wouldn’t do that plus they took money from me too which is not a nice thing to do to a lady so I wish I could possibly speak to the real you to make me feel better as I’ve have lost alot plus I had to buy myself a new phone cause that person put a worm on my phone I hope I do get to have a formal chat with you just even though an email look forward to hearing from you luv Lianne XXX

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