DouLuo Continent Starring Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi Has Released its First Drama Trailer

The official release of the first trailer for the drama “Douluo Continent” starring Xiao Zhan as Tang San, and Wu Xuanyi as Xiao Wu is highly anticipated by many viewers and netizens. Following the release of the drama’s first trailer, it became a trending topic on Weibo within hours.

There are many special effects in the drama as the original “Douluo Continent” is full of fantasy. The original author said that this drama will not disappoint netizens. He also proves that the special effects of the whole show and the cool martial arts scenes are what many netizens look forward to.  The fanbase of the original “Douluo Continent” is very large. Of course, the two main leads, Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi also have many fans. Even before the show has broadcasted, it is one of the most hotly discussed drama topics on Weibo!

Xiao Zhan plays the role of Tang San for Douluo Continent
Xiao Zhan plays the role of Tang San for Douluo Continent

Wu Xuanyi plays the role of "Xiao Wu" in Douluo Continent
Wu Xuanyi plays the role of “Xiao Wu” in Douluo Continent alongside Xiao Zhan

What is Douluo Continent About?
“Douluo Continent” tells the story of Tang San’s (portrayed by Xiao Zhan) loss of his mother since childhood, awakening his martial soul at the age of six, and being sent to the Notting College for training at the age of six. He worshiped Yu Xiaogang as his teacher and became a brother and sister with orphan Xiaowu (portrayed by Wu Xuanyi). In order to improve his spirit power, Yu Xiaogang and two of them entered Shrek Academy and formed the Shrek Seven Devils with Dai Mubai, Oscar and other five talented teenagers. After the Seven Devils became famous, they entered the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, but they had conflicts with the Academy nobles. In the meantime, Tang San gradually learned that Pope Bibi Dong of Wuhun Temple was actually his mother-killing enemy, and Bibi Dong’s daughter Qian Renxue pretended to be Xueqinghe, tries to kill the King of the Heaven Dou Empire. In order to prevent the dark action of the Wuhun Palace to destroy the Heaven Dou Empire and the Shang Sanzong, Tang San joined forces with the Tian Dou Empire and the major sects to declare war on the Wuhun Palace.  In the end, with his perseverance and strength, he overcame many difficulties, protected his relatives, rejuvenated the sect, and helped the country, becoming the most courageous and a strong god of the sea and the god of Ashura.
Douluo Continent at the Tencent Press Conference
At the press conference, it is said that the show will be broadcasted this year. It made the fans of the original and fans of the leading actors look forward to this drama even more. After all, the protagonist was personally selected by the original author, Tang Jiasan. This is also a recognition of the actors. When the drama was filmed, the hero and the heroine were not as popular as they are now, everything was performed based on their own strength.
Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi are leads for Douluo Continent
Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi are leads for Douluo Continent

The original author of “Douluo Continent” wrote an article to describe the feelings between Tang San and Xiao Wu in the play, “He can give his life for her, commit suicide and take bones; for him, she can burn his life and sacrifice the spirit ring.”  The emotion of “Douluo Continent” is touching. Although there is already an anime version of “Douluo Continent”, the live-action version is more exciting than the characters of the anime. The sense of substitution of the live-action version will be much stronger than that of the anime version.  The details of the live-action version of the play were produced by the original author and the production team of the play. We believe that this play will restore the plot in the novel and even have some artistic conceptions that cannot be expressed by the text.
Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi As Tang Sa
Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi as Tang San and Xiao Wu

The high-burning pictures and the passionate youth showed us the spirit of not giving up in chasing dreams. The hero Tang San has gone through hardships all the way and finally won the title of the God of the Sea and Asura God. Pass on and become a generation of gods. Tang San played by Xiao Zhan is what we are more looking forward to. After all, Xiao Zhan’s strength is built by facing strong public opinion pressure. His acting skills will once again be put to the test in this new drama, with the male protagonist as a brave warrior-figure, who despite his calm demeanour remains an individual selfless and caring towards those who he cares deeply about.
Similarly, while Wu Xuanyi remains a relatively new actress, fans are excited to see her play the role of the highly spirited and enthusiastic Xiao Wu, whose strong sense of justice make her a women respected by many in the story.
Perhaps the best news for fans so far is that Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuan Yi will be dubbing the drama with their original voices instead of having voice overs like most big production dramas have.
Have you watched the first trailer for Dou Luo Continent? Check it out below:

The first trailer of the drama has been subbed in Thai language due to the great interest in the show from fans in Thailand.
If you aren’t already excited at the prospect of this show airing sometime next year, here are also some bonus behind the scene videos of the cast of Douluo Continent having fun after filming, where Xiao Zhan sang the song “Incomparable Beauty (无与伦比的美丽)” for the cast during a film break.

The two lead cast members also demonstrated remarkable chemistry behind the scenes as they played games together.

As the drama will be casting two idol group members as the male and female leads respectively, fans remain very excited for its airing which will be slated for 2021!
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