Meng Ziyi Responds To Controversy Surrounding Her “Internet Celebrity Face” Following Criticism By Guo Jing Ming

On the latest episode of “Actors, Please Take Your Place”, Actress Meng Ziyi who is best known for her recent roles in The Untamed and The Legend of the Condor Heroes was criticized by the Director of the movie, Tiny Times, Guo Jingming for “changing her makeup style.”

In the particular episode, Meng Ziyi was asked to portray a character from Tiny Times. However, contrary to standard procedure, where the actresses on set would usually wear the hairstyles and make-up designated by the film director to best represent the character, Meng Ziyi appointed her own hairstylists and make-up artists to style her look.

This angered the director Guo Jingming who stormed into the make-up room and lashed out at her for being unprofessional on the broadcast.

He told her, “I’m filming a show, I’m not filming Meng Ziyi. Your beauty is in that of having an internet celebrity face.”

For context, the term “internet celebrity face” in China, (pronounced as ‘wang hong lian’ – 网红脸)” is a phrase used on women to describe their beauty as being ‘common on the internet’ as it is attained through plastic surgery.

This incident sparked off a heated discussion online with some netizens criticising her for being unprofessional on set. After the news dominated the Weibo hot search, the actress  issued a long statement on Weibo addressing the situation.

Most notably, she remarked that “Ever since I began my acting career, there has always been controversy about my “internet celebrity face”. I can’t control the opinions of others, but I accept it.”

Meng Zi Yi statement responding to Guo JingMing's allegations
Meng Zi Yi statement responding to Guo JingMing’s allegations

Meng Ziyi’s official response is as follows: 

After seeing all kinds of interpretations of the video, I feel that I must reconstruct the events before and after which had occurred. 

Firstly, I recognize Director Guo’s teachings, since we started filming, the controversy accompanying me is that I have an “Internet celebrity’s face”, but Meng Ziyi just has such a face, I can’t control everyone’s opinion, I choose to accept this! Life is always maturing, when you make a mistake you stand straight and take a beating. Like you, I am disappointed in the Meng Zi Yi of the past, but I want to give her a chance, even once is enough!

In fact, when the makeup was decided, the original makeup artist assigned [to me] was styling another group of actors who were filming. Everyone had a very short time to shoot, and there was not enough staff. They said my makeup artist knows me better and could do it faster, so we discussed it and used my makeup artist. But I didn’t “change” the makeup, and I didn’t disrespect the team’s design, she did it according to the makeup card, the styling was also discussed and decided on. We really communicated with the program team and moreover, only executed after we had obtained permission. Furthermore, as soon as Director Guo raised objections to the makeup, I changed it. At that moment, Director Guo was not aware of the makeup arrangements, so that’s the reason for the situation that everyone saw. 

Regarding everyone bringing up my “past convictions”, I admit that I made mistakes in the past during “Grade One” (Variety Show), from then onwards I was determined that in the future I would never make a similar mistake, and it was Director Guo’s choice that allowed me to participate in movies and TV, I have no reason not to listen to him. This time participating in “Actors, Please Take Your Place” I have been listening to the program team’s arrangements from start to finish, but now I feel a bit sad because as I have made mistakes in the past, no matter what I do in the future, other people will think it is me who is wrong. This has also made me reflect, it looks like my changes have not been enough, in the future I must do more. 

Finally, I hope that everyone who is willing to supervise me will supervise me together! 

Meng Ziyi’s good friend also uploaded photos of their conversation from early October on Weibo as evidence that Guo Jingming’s make-up team was understaffed that day.

Meng Ziyi's good friend Zhao Zhiwei uploaded conversation records between the two
Meng Ziyi’s good friend Zhao Zhiwei uploaded conversation records between the two


The conversation went as follows:

Zhao Ziwei: The make up is not decided by you

Meng Ziyi: Yes

I brought my own make-up artists

His make-up artists team was understaffed

They still wanted to change my look

And also to fix my look

They [the production team] allowed me to use my own make-up artists

Yet Guo scolded me

For having my own opinions

Something about bringing your own make-up artists

Something about make-up for an internet celebrity face.

Have you explained to him?

[I had] no time to explain to him. 


In response to the screenshots uploaded by her good friend, some netizens begin accusing Meng Ziyi of criticizing Director Guo even further, which further ignited further controversy.

While some sympathize with the actress as it seemed like a genuine case of miscommunication, others are of the opinion that she had behaved unprofessionally.

What do you think of this issue? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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