Bon Bon Girls’ Nene Denies Liking Bright Vachirawit’s Post And Apologizes For Not Managing Her Social Media Platforms Better

郑乃馨Nene (Zheng Naixin) from Bon Bon Girls as pictured above

On July 10, netizens found that Nene (Zheng Naixin) from Bon Bon Girls had liked the controversial Thai Actor, Bright Vachirawit’s post on Instagram, which led to a heated discussion online.

Neitzens discovered that Nene had liked an Instagram post by Bright made through his sub-account on Instagram

Ever since April this year, Bright Vachirawit has become a controversial figure in China.

This was primarily due to Bright accidentally retweeting a tweet on Twitter which mislabeled Hong Kong as a country. Though Bright apologized on Twitter, the matter was made worse when netizens discovered that his girlfriend also appeared to harbour anti-Chinese sentiments. While Bright has since issued an apology on Weibo last month, many netizens in China have since withdrew their support for him.

Thai Actor Bright Vachirawit Apologizes To Chinese Netizens for Liking Tweet That Labelled Hong Kong as “A Country”

On the same day, Nene wrote a post on Weibo to address the matter, saying that it was not her who liked Bright’s post:

Today I was at work so I had no internet. I only just learned [about the situation] and this is not my doing, and I also don’t know. But I still feel like I need to give an apology and to take better care of my social media platforms in the future. I have always loved China and my mom and dad are both Chinese. I really love the friends I have met in China. I will continue to work hard to learn Chinese, and I want to be super fluent in Chinese one day.

Some fans have also said that Nene’s social media accounts outside of China are not managed by Nene alone.

Nene’s global fan club confirmed that Nene did not use her phone at the time when the incident occured.

Her global fan club has also since been in touch with her frontline representatives, who verified that at the point in time when the incident occurred, Nene was busy filming and did not use a mobile phone at all.

Before joining Chuang 2020, Nene had already unfollowed Bright Vachirawit on both Weibo and Instagram.

For now, most netizens remain vocal in showing their support for Nene, commenting “We trust you” and “Dear, we know about it~” on her Weibo post.

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