Shen Yue’s Boyfriend Is Allegedly Sun Ning, Her Castmate From “A Love So Beautiful”

Recently, Shen Yue has been spotted on a date with her rumoured boyfriend. The man was later identified to be Sun Ning, her cast mate from the drama “A Love So Beautiful.”

In a video footage that captured, she boarded an electric scooter with a man dressed in black. The scene was reminiscent of an idol drama, as she hugged his waist while he drove.

Shen Yue dating
The actress rides an electric scooter with her beau

Before she got onto his bike, the man also helped her to put on her beanie, warming the hearts of many viewers. the “Meteor Garden” star also hugged his waist tightly when he drove the scooter. The wholesome and adorable pair then drove towards their destination with their skateboards parked behind them.

Shen Yue Sun Ning

The star gets help wearing her beanie from her rumoured boyfriend

Both also later held hands as they headed towards the parking lot together. When both arrived at the skateboard park, Shen Yue also allowed the man to hold her waist to guide her into doing some skateboard tricks.

When the man removed his mask to practice skateboarding with Shen Yue, he revealed his face, and this scene happened to be caught on camera.

Shen Yue Sun Ning
Shen Yue held hands with Sun Ning

Netizens later identified the man as Sun Ning, the actor who played Lu Yang in Shen Yue’s debut drama, “A Love So Beautiful”.

Shen Yue Sun Ning
In photos with Shen Yue, Sun Ning would “bend down” and she would tiptoe so that they would appear at the same height.

Shen Yue and Sun Ning’s Relationship History

If the male in the video is indeed Sun Ning, then fans will have many social media posts to comb through. The two are believed to have first met over five years ago, on set for the filming of “A Love So Beautiful.”

Shen Yue boyfriend
The cast of “A Love So Beautiful” during one of their many meet ups

Following the commercial success of the drama, the two have also hung out together as good friends on multiple occasions. In fact, photos of the pair can be found on social media.


Fans look back at their friendship and noted that Shen Yue and Sun Ning shared such a good relationship in the past, that they even had matching phone covers.

Shen Yue dating
The pair once had matching phone covers

On Shen Yue’s weibo, she also shared photos of her friendly outings with Sun Ning.

shenyue boyfriend
Shen Yue and Sun Ning at a 2017 group outing
Shen Yue boyfriend
Shen Yue and Sun Ning at an outing in 2017

The “Count Your Lucky Stars” actress has also constantly maintained her close friendship with Sun Ning, wishing him happy birthday publicly on Weibo in 2018 and 2019. Her messages for him are also thoughtful and sweet, though they appear to sound mostly friendly.

Shen Yue Sun Ning
Shen Yue wished Sun Ning happy birthday in 2018

In her 2019 birthday post for Sun Ning, Shen Yue also photoshopped a picture of her beside him, lamenting that the two needed more selfies together.

Shen Yue boyfriend Sun Ning
Shen Yue photoshopped a picture of herself beside Sun Ning for his birthday in 2019

As early as January this year, Sun Ning also shared a video of an elderly couple doing ballroom dancing together. Shen Yue then appeared in the video out of the blue. Both then two smiled at each other face to face. Indeed, the interaction between the two seemed very cute.

Although these clues may seem to point to the two being in a relationship, nothing has been officially confirmed. Some fans even joked that if the two do end up together, it would be a “plot twist” in “A Love So Beautiful”‘s love story. Should Shen Yue ever announce that she is in a relationship, her career is unlikely to be negatively impacted. She rose to fame as an actress after all, and not an idol.

We hope that readers can continue to show their support for the actress and actor, regardless of whether they date or not!

As of June 2021, Sun Ning and Shen Yue has also been spotted on another noodle date together.

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