Street Dance of China 4 To Air on August 14th Onwards

On August 9th, the street dance reality show “Street Dance of China 4” officially announced that the show, starring Team Captain Han Geng, Henry Lau, Wang Yibo, and Lay Zhang Yixing (in order of initials AZ), would be airing starting from August 14th. The program will continue its broadcast every Saturday night onwards at 8 o’clock Beijing Standard Time.

“Finally it’s set, and it’s going to be on fire again this summer.”

As soon as the official announcement was released, the news it immediately sparked heated discussions among netizens. Not just that, but the news itself climbed its way up the hot search list, and captured more than 100 million views!

Street Dance of China 4 Poster
Street Dance of China 4 Poster

This season’s program will also be the only world-class street dance event held internationally this year.

Street Dance of China’s New Season Becomes “Global Exclusive”

At the end of the third season, the director’s team announced the plan for the fourth season. The three-season champions and the three-season captains will form an international team to fight against dancers from all over the world. The battle of the “gods” is about to start.

Continuing from theme of the third season, “Fighting for Love”, this season’s program is based on an additional core concept known as the “Battle For Peace.” This does not only include the “friendship of friends” between Chinese and foreign dancers, but also Hip-hop enthusiasts who respect each other.

Battle For Love

According to the news revealed by the general director of the show, Lu Wei, and borrowing from the competition system of many international competitions, this season’s show adopted the rules of the “International Elite Challenge.” This rule also determines that the temperament of this year’s show, which will be that of “fighting with gods.” .

The so-called elites are typical representatives in the industry they are engaged in. The elites in the hip-hop field are not only recognized as gods in society, but also make outstanding contributions to the development of hip-hop.

In the field of “Locking”, Japan’s god-level combination dancers, the “GOGO BROTHERS” and Hilty&Bosch will combine forces together, and the showdown of the century hasc certainly aroused everyone’s expectations.

In the field of Popping, Poppin C, “God of War” Popper Nelson, and MT-POP, the “big brother” of Popping from Vietnam will be competing together! The intensity of the competition will surely delight the audience!

Street dance of china 4 popping
International dancers will be invited to compete in Street Dance of China 4

Unlike the previous years, this season abandoned the rule of “issuing towels in the audition.” The show instead chose to directly adopt the invitation system. From the original audition where there are 400 people, it was changed so as to invite 100 dancers to participate. The players invited to participate are from different countries. Although they have not undergone the assessment, they have each proved themselves capable in different arenas, and some are even considered to be at a level capable of refereeing.

As respected predecessors, they are still willing to return to the starting line again and embark on a new arena. This may also be the meaning of the confrontation in the hip-hop culture.

In addition to many OG high-energy teams, the dance champions of the first 3 seasons, Han Yu, Ye Yin, and Yang Kai have joined with more popular players to stage an epic confrontation with the top international teams.

In this competition, the dancers will be battling each other through three key stages. 

In the first stage, through the confrontation between the Chinese dancers and the integration of foreign dancers, the strength of the elite will be tested and demonstrated. In the second stage, players from various countries will receive thematic tasks at each stage, such as the integration of Chinese style into their performance and so on.

The final round is similar to the NBA All-Star Game, which will eventually help to produce and shortlist an All-Star International League team.

Are you ready for the premiere of the Street Dance of China 4 this Saturday? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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