Stage Boom (2021)

Stage Boom

Stage Boom is a Chinese variety Show (2021) by iQiyi. The Stage Boom cast members consist of Betty Wu Xuanyi, Yamy, Song Yuqi, Zhou Jieqiong, An Qi, Lu Keran, Chen Zhuoxuan, Dan Yichun and Lexie Liu.

The ten young women who are talented in their musical pursuits are good at showcasing different styles of music through different musical themes. The show optimizes their own music strength on the competitive stage, and at the same time uses the artistic form of music to interpret the attitudes of women in the new era, focused on showcasing women who are not afraid of being themselves and brave continue to pursue their dreams.

The show first aired on 5 August 2021 and is expected to have a total of 10 episodes.

Stage Boom Introduction

Show Name: Stage Boom (2021)
Broadcast Network: iQiyi
Main Host: Han Hong
Country: China
Genres: Show
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 August 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 5 August 2021-5 September 2021
Aired On: Thursday, Friday
Also Known As: 爆裂舞台, Stage Boom 2021

Stage Boom Synopsis

The display is led by way of Han Hong, accumulating eleven proficient woman musicians who have already debuted however lack a danger on stage. Together, they create top-notch and epic stage performances. The Boom girls will compete through battles. In the give up, one “Boom Icon” will be decided and given the top sources within the industry.

Show background

In 2021, multi-category variety shows such as love, family, and entertainment will burst into the mainstream. A professional stage that uses music to compete is invaluable to rookie musicians. “Burst Stage” adopts a competition mode of coexistence of competition and cooperation to build a platform for female musicians to face the public’s scrutiny, inspire burst girls to release their stage strength and show their individual characteristics and charm [2] .

Program production

In order to ensure stage professionalism, the program invites music producers Jin Wulin, Qu Shicong, and Kong Xiaoyi to form a musician production team to provide professional guidance to the burst girls at multiple levels such as arrangement, production, and stage to help young music People grow and transform better, ensure the continuous output of high-quality music works, optimize the aesthetics and standards of popular music recognition, and let more people see the potential and future of Chinese music [2] .

Program mode

“Burst Stage” is a female music competition reality show with a comprehensive multiple music styles and a brutal competition system. It presents the real business status of the industry through stage competitions. At that time, many female musicians with good strength and good looks will burst out on the stage, break the tradition, fight back in the Jedi, and let more people see the light in them [1] .

Program features

Ten girls born in the 1990s with different styles in “Burst Stage” used music to describe the values ​​of women in the new era. They reflecting the characteristics of young women in modern times as forging ahead. They portray that women are not afraid of being brave to be themselves, and to seize the opportunities life presents for them. The show aims to encourage more women to actively express and bravely pursue their dreams, and present a new face of modern women’s pursuit of personal values.

Cast Members

Betty Wu Xuanyi as Regular Member
Yamy as Regular Member
Song Yu Qi as Regular Member
Zhou Jie Qiong as Regular Member
Yu Yan as Regular Member
Babymonster An Qi as Regular Member
K Lu as Regular Member
VaVa as Regular Member
Chen Zhuo Xuan as Regular Member
Dan Yi Chun as Regular Member
Lexie Liu as Contestant

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