Stage Boom Airs With A Boom, Starring Zhou Jieqiong, Wu Xuanyi, Chen Zhouxuan, Song Yuqi and More!

iQiyi’s new variety show, Stage Boom, started airing on the 5th of August. It’s a show that has 33 stages and aims to give more stage opportunities to female artists who’ve already debuted but don’t have many stages. Featuring the likes of Lexie Liu, Dan Yichun, Song Yuqi, An Qi, Lu Keran, Vava, Wu Xuanyi, Yamy, Chen Zhuoxuan and Zhou Jieqiong, the show looks promising.

Here’s how it lived up to expectations.

First-Day Reception: Stage… Boom

On the first day, a trending search on Weibo was “Han Hong recognising people is too funny”. It’s a referral to the show’s mentor, Han Hong, a popular Chinese singer. She asked Zhou Jieqiong if she was Yamy, Chen Zhuoxuan if she was Jieqiong…

Netizens React:
[+235] Is it funny? It’s really rude
[+177] Everyone who’s watched the show knows it’s awkward… everyone was really awkward
[+156] I don’t think it’s awkward. If, as an idol, you have no works, do you still hope that people will remember you? Han Hong’s not a professional emcee.
[+90] ? Didn’t you look at the name list before coming to record the show together?
[+101] Stop pretending, you’re making people awkward. Pretending to be old. Not respecting others.
[+83] Isn’t it normal that Han Hong doesn’t recognise them? If you didn’t watch the show, who’d recognise them? I don’t recognise them either, it’s normal
[+59] They’re so unpopular, why should they be recognised 🤔🤔 Lexie Liu and Vava have works, naturally Han Hong will remember them
[+53] It’s true that you’re experienced, but if you’re paid to come to a show and don’t do your homework, I can’t praise you

After an awkward initial reception, the second-day reception seemed much better, with lots of praise for the talented artists!

Second-Day Reception

In the second day’s reception, Zhou Jieqiong, Chen Zhuoxuan and Song Yuqi all came under praise – for different reasons!

Weibo Variety Shows [1]: After watching Zhou Jieqiong’s stage, Yamy was touched. “This reminded me of how, before participating in Produce 101, we watched this kind of show. Maybe it’s because we have similar experiences – it feels like I’m involved [in the stage]. I remember how we fought as a team in the past!” One can imagine that every girl has a period of time where they fight hard for their dream. Hope that the girls can get something from these stages.

Netizens React:
[+8751] The Zhou Jieqiong in Produce 101 was a lot of people’s youth
[+5280] It’s the Jieqiong who’s walked from Produce 101 until now 🥺
[+2052] She got seen for this focus camera of Pick Me, she’s still herself, not forgetting her initial heart
[+1235] In Produce 101 Jieqiong really glowed
[+1003] It’s been too hard. Zhou Jieqiong, you have to believe you’re the best!

Sina Variety Shows [2]: The second Chen Zhuoxuan’s voice came out, it was legendary! Han Hong also expressed that she initially thought that singer-dancers couldn’t sing well, and said that the 10 girls in the show were real singer-dancers.

Netizens React:
[+1962] High notes and changing notes were amazing. On the stage, when Chen Zhuoxuan opens her mouth, the aura is really strong. Looking forward to more of your stages
[+1280] Chen Zhuoxuan, treasure, is the best!
[+953] Chen-jie is legendary!

Song Yuqi’s Lion

Yuqi also came under praise for her performance of LION:

[+2315] Yuqi’s so amazing
[+1122] Our Yuqi 🥰
[+844] Yuqi’s amazing!
[+1027] How come there’s so much praise… 🤯 Her voice broke
[+192] You’re amazing, although there were some small imperfections, let’s work hard together

It looks like Stage Boom does live up to some of its promise after all.

What are your thoughts on Stage Boom? Share them with us below!

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