Chuang 2020 debuts Bon Bon Girls 303, with Curley Gao as the center of the group!

Chuang2020 debuts their newly formed group the “Bon Bon Girls”, with Curley Gao as the center position!

On the fourth of July, “Chuang 2020” revealed the new group formation / lineup. The 15 trainees who got into the finals compete against each other through two stage performances of 《It’s a Bomb》and《Phoenix》, along with their own extraordinary individual performances, showing the public their growth and achievement throughout “Chuang 2020”.
In the end, seven trainees namely Curley Gao、Zhao Yue、Wang Yijin、Chen Zhuoxuan、Zheng Naixin (Nene)、Liu Xiening、Zhang Yifan successfully debuted as a girl group called “Bon Bon Girls 303”. Curley Gao obtained the first place by 251,110,993 votes and became the center position of “Bon Bon Girls 303” due to having shown exceptional strength in the show. In addition, on the night of their debut, TengXun had specially invited renowned guests to witness the grand moments of the finals, such as He Jiong as the emcee, Qin Hailu as a distinguished guest, Rainbow Chamber Singers、Li Yundi、Viya、Meng Meiqi, a senior student of “Chuang 2018”, and R1SE, a group of senior students of “Chuang 2019”.

All the trainees who were eliminated came back onto the stage, and Jiang Zhenyu who previously withdrew from the show due to an injury came back to watch the finals and sent her blessings to her former “competitors”.

Before the finals, 101 trainees presented a series of theme songs of this particular show throughout these 3 years,《Produce 101》,《Call My Name》and《You Are Everything to Me》with Meng Meiqi, R1SE and Li Yundi – witnesses of the establishment of a new group. When the finals had begun, the 15 trainees were split into groups and competed against each other through two stage performances of 《It’s a Bomb》and《Phoenix》, showing unprecedented strength and teamwork. The performers in 《It’s a Bomb》wore classic monochrome outfits, the overall effect of their show was overwhelming. Curley Gao、Chen Zhuoxuan、Wang Yijin the three main vocals performed 《Phoenix》, their perfect chorus stunned the audience.

The assessment for the vocal and dance profession is to let the trainees show their own charisma. Wang Yijin、Xu Yiyang、Zheng Naixin (Nene)、Wu Yalu from the vocal group sang affectionately, whispering her own thoughts;  Curley Gao、Chen Zhuoxuan have a stable high-pitched voice, making it immensely enjoyable; Su Ruiqi had delivered a rap that is originated by herself, conveying a confident attitude. After the solo performances, the whole vocal group sang Katy Perry’s new song 《Daisies》. In the aspect of dance, both Zhao Yue and Liu Xiening combined the elements of classical and modern styled dance. Zhang Yifan also presented her ballet dance like a fairy. They all left an unforgettable memory to the public.

Other than that, the group of mentors performed for the trainees as a kind of blessing for their graduation. Huang Zi Tao, LuHan cooperated with a few trainees and presented two new songs – 《Ice Cream》and《Sensitive》. Mao Buyi sang the song《 Into the Sea 》, implying a message to the trainees that “Time will answer growth, growth will answer your dreams, your dreams will answer your life”. The Rainbow Chamber Singers produced a song《Creation》especially for all the trainees, wishing that their future will remain colourful, and not to be fearful of failure. Senior students R1SE passed on their encouragement through two performances, 《Chasing the Light Barefoot》and《SUNR1SE》.

After the show, everyone waited nervously for the debut list to be announced. Seven trainees namely Curley Gao、Zhao Yue、Wang Yijin、Chen Zhuoxuan、Zheng Naixin (Nene)、Liu Xiening、Zhang Yifan all began their dream as members of the newly created girl group, “Bon Bon Girls 303”.

Curley Gao, with the top number of votes, i.e. 251110993 votes, felt that big things are happening every July. She achieved a lot with these 100 girls and felt blessed that she could be part of “Bon Bon Girls 303”. From now on, she will start a new chapter in life with these 6 girls beside her.

Zhao Yue, who came in second place, said from the bottom of her heart, “We didn’t lose this time, we are very courageous, I believe that we would step on the right path towards more successes”.

Wang Yijin, who got third place, was in tears. She sincerely thanked “Chuang 2020”, the crew and her company for supporting her all the way. “Thank you all for your willingness to accept me, and like this imperfect side of me, making me know that I am worthy of being liked.”

Chen Zhuoxuan, who got fourth place, finally got noticed by once saying, “Did I not stand high enough?” But surprisingly, she did not care much about her ranking in the finals. “This result is what we all worked hard for, I have no regrets. Thank you for not letting me fight on my own.”

Zheng Naixin (Nene), who came in fifth place, said that being in a girls’ group isn’t her final aim. “I wanted to be a better artist, so that I could influence more people, and one that could make the world a better place.”

Liu Xiening, who got sixth place, was thankful to her fans that they have made a change to her life and personality, “When I first got into this show, my personality was a bit cold and was not that easy to get along with. It’s you all who made me transform into who I am now – a girl with silly behaviour.”

Last but not least, the seventh member, Zhang Yifan, who was also the last girl that could debut, cried again on stage. She told her fans, “From now on, we’ll walk the future path together, and I could protect you all!”

In the first media interview the group had after debuting, Bon Bon Girls 303 were questioned if they would compare themselves with THE9.
Chen Zuoxuan represented them all and responded, “We hope that people would compare us to them more, so that we could improve ourselves, and in that case, we could also know where our strength and weaknesses are. In this way, we could grow up faster and be the best girl group out of all.” As to how everyone is assuming that Bon Bon Girls 303 is Rocket Girls’ successor, Liu Xiening believes that, “The senior students (Rocket Girls) are our role model, we should learn from them, not to be disgraced and be better.”
It is reported that, from the second that Bon Bon Girls 303 is established, around 10 companies are asking them to be their brand ambassadors. The national mobile game, “Game for Peace/ PUBG” also desires to collaborate with them.As “Chuang 2020” ends, Bon Bon Girls 303 is also going to start their new life as idols. We are looking forward to them to spread positive energy, continue to deliver positive messages and attitudes towards businesses and youngsters. As the slogan of “Chuang 2020” is “If I dare, I will be shining like a star!”

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