Xuan Lu and Cao Yuchen from “The Untamed” Release A New Song Together!

Xuan Lu and Cao Yu Chen pictured in the cover art of their new single, “Love Express”

On the 8th July 2020, Xuan Lu’s studio announced the release of her new single, “Love Express” sung in collaboration with her fellow co-star from The Untamed, Cao Yu Chen.

In case you may have forgotten, Xuan Lu is best known for her role as “Jiang Yan Li” in the hit-drama, The Untamed! Cao Yu Chen played her love interest, “Jin Zi Xuan.” Many fans were happy to see the two stars reunite again, this time over a new song!

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream it here:


No wonder the two stars shared Douyin videos of each other back in May. They were in fact, filming together for their new collaborative single.

To support the two artistes, do purchase your copy of their new single, “Love Express” (爱的速递)on QQ here.

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  1. the Unforgettable couples in Chen Qing Ling aka The Untamed.. The most Lovely Shijie A Li and dear husband Jin Gongzhe..
    So happpyyy for their collaboration.

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