“The Golden Hairpin” features Yang Zi and Kris Wu In New Drama Posters

The Golden Hairpin, one of the most anticipated dramas for 2021 has released its first ever drama posters today!

The Golden Hairpin (2021) poster

The historical drama drops its first ever drama posters with main leads Yang Zi and Kris Wu on a rooftop.

Yang Zi portrays investigative prodigy “Huang Zixia” 

Kris Wu portrays the cold and steely Prince of Kui, Li Shubai

In case you might be curious, its story line revolves around Huang Zixia (portrayed by Yangzi) who is an investigative prodigy at the tender age of thirteen. She is the daughter of Yin Huangmin, an official from Jindu Prefecture. Intelligent and upright, Huang Zixia’s home gets destroyed at 17, where is also accused of murdering her family to avoid an arrange marriage. With only one goal in mind, she rushed to Beiyan City, thousands of miles away to ask for the help of Li Shubai (portrayed by Kris Wu) who is the Prince of Kui. Li Shubai agreed to help her on the condition that her investigative skills be put to the test. Her first task was to investigate the case of a serial killer and to remove a curse that was set to kill the Prince. Working undercover as Shubai’s eunuch, Huang Zixia’s investigative skills get challenged when Li Shubai’s betrothed disappears.

Huang Zixia is left with a golden hairpin as the key to her investigation, as only that can unlock startling secrets that exists within the kingdom. As Huang Zixia and Li Shubai work hand in hand to unravel the mysteries behind families, love and friendships, Huang Zixia’s strong sense of justice and kindness melts Li Shubai’s stone-cold heart. The two embark on a meaningful journey together to fight for justice until the end.

The drama is an adaptation from the ancient romance short story, “The Recordings of the Hairpin”(簪中录). In the original novel, the love and hatred of a female eunuch led to the shocking mysteries of a kingdom to get unravelled.

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