Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee – better known as Yiyang Qianxi (易烊千玺), is one of the youngest, yet most successful and influential Chinese celebrity today. His popularity is so massive that he became the youngest celebrity ever to top the annual Forbes China Celebrity 100 List for the year 2020!

November 28, 2020 marks the 20th birthday of our beloved idol. Though his special day has already passed, let’s list down the top 10 reasons why we love and adore Jackson Yee.

1. An Amazing Dancer and Performer

Jackson is the youngest member of the Chinese boy band TFBoys. Asides from being part of the group, he also promotes himself as a successful soloist who performs at various concerts and has received numerous idol awards . His single “Li Sao” 离骚 or “the Lament” was named as “Mandarin Song of the Year” by Billboard Radio China in 2017. He is also well-known for his dancing skills which we are all witness to when he became one of the captains for Street Dance of China Season 1 & 2 and guess mentor for Youku’s reality survival show We are Young 2020.


2. An Award-winning Actor

He is not just an idol but  a versatile actor as well. His superb acting in the film “Better Days” was highly received as it scored 8.4 out of 10 on Douban and it was a commercial success garnering over $142.5 million (1 billion yuan) at the box office. He played the character of Xiao Bei, a gangster who has a close relationship and became the protector of the protagonist Chen Nian, (played by acclaimed actress Zhou Dongyu) who is a victim of school bullying. He also won major acting awards for films and television such as Most Watched Actor in the 8th China Student Television Festival and Top 10 Favorite Actors in Huading Awards for the TV Series Longest Day in Chang’an, and Best New Performer and Best New Actor in the 39th Hongkong Film Awards, and Best New Comer in the 35th Hundred Flowers Awards and 14th Asian Film Awards all for the movie Better Days.

3. He’s a Sweet Older Brother

Jackson has a younger brother named Nannan. Their lovely bond as siblings is often seen through his stories on Weibo and during interviews. In an episode of “Welcome back to Sound”, Jackson mentioned how much he wanted to have a younger sibling that he asked his mom about it. His sweet side was also seen when he became a regular cast of “Let Go of My Baby Season 2” where he took care of five cute babies alongside with Jim Yu and Kenny Lin. Aside from being a sweet and doting gege, he is also a responsible and polite “didi” to older stars and celebs such as He Jiong and Xie Na (his co-stars in Welcome Back to Sound”.

4. He’s apparently a Great Cook!

Another bonus to this all-rounded young man is his expertise in cooking! In the last episode of Welcome Back to Sound, he cooked Stew Mutton which is considered a difficult Chinese dish. He was also well-praised by other guests and they were surprised since Jackson only started cooking just a few months. (Look at those techniques.)


5. Cool and Stylish

We have seen Jackson Yee’s growth from a cute teen to a handsome young adult and how he conquers the stage with his looks and incredible fashion sense. From simple tees and sweatshirts to suits and ties, he can nail them all. Whether it’s the cool or the swag, the classy or rocking street style, he always looks undeniably good in them.

6. His Wholesome and Kind Personality.

Jackson Yee’s gentle character is witnessed by many viewers in the variety show “Welcome Back to Sound.” At first, he spoke less but his sincerity was felt more through his actions. There were many times when he expressed his heart-felt care to the callers by giving genuine advices. He was also cool with the constant teases of his co-star Xie Na. Bonus: his lovely interactions with the cats Ah Tai, and Xiao Dian.


7. An Enthusiastic Learner!

Jackson Yee is also known in the industry as a hardworking, smart and studious youth. He managed to top the entrance exams for both arts and performance arts and  was admitted into The Central Academy of Drama. Aside from his studies, he is continuously learning and improving in the aspects of singing and performing. One fun fact: he wants to learn and acquire more life experience, so he tried to become a food delivery guy for four days and he admitted in “Welcome Back to Sound” that he received complaints and had his salary deducted by half.


8. Young & Inspirational.

Aside from being an Idol, Jackson Yee is also a role model for the youth. In 2017, he was chosen to be one of the advocates of the China Tobacco Control by the World Health Organization. In the same year, he was invited by WHO to Geneva where he delivered a speech calling for the elimination of AIDS discrimination. He was also awarded the title of WHO China’s special envoys for health. On his 17th birthday, he announced the establishment of the Jackson Yee Fund which focuses in helping rural and “left-behind” Children.


9. A Notable Brand Ambassador!

Jackson Yee is a very active ambassador of famous local and international brands such as Adidas, Tmall, Huawei, Cornetto,  McDonalds,  Honor of Kings, Clear,  and Luolai Home Textile. Not to mention a few luxury brands in his portfolio including the likes of Armani Beauty, Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Emporio Armani, and BMW – all at just 20 years old.


10. His Great Love for His Fans – 千纸鹤 (Thousand Paper Cranes)

On many occasions, Jackson Yee has professed his love for his fans on stage by wearing symbols that represent them, such as a temporary tattoo during an on stage performance recently.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this talented and hard working young star in the comments below!


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