Wang Yibo Is Officially Confirmed to Return to “Street Dance of China 4”

On June 9, the Street Dance of China’s official Weibo page announced that Wang Yibo would be making his return to the fourth season of the show. Wang Yibo was one of the mentors for the previous season of the show, alongside Jackson Wang, Lay Zhang and Wallace Chung.

Wang Yibo Street Dance of China 4
Wang Yibo in a poster for “Street Dance of China 4”

In today’s official announcement poster, Wang Yibo’s new look was a pleasant surprise. His cool style and silver highlights was a fresh new look that reminded all viewers that one of China’s best dancers would be returning again.

An Introduction to the Street Dance of China

The Street Dance of China is a reality show produced by Youku. It is a show that has already been broadcasted for the past three seasons. As a show that airs in the summer, it has received a lot of popular reception based on the Weibo supertopic discussions.

The show also popularized a lot of street dance lingo and knowledge for the Chinese viewers.

Wang Yibo and His Past Performances

Wang Yibo is understandably a top choice to be the dance caption of the show.

Due to his professionalism and dedication to his art, he has proved himself capable of leading his team to clinch the championship title. Just last year, he led his “Yi Po Wang Zha (一波王炸)” team successfully into the finals, and mentored Yang Kai to become the overall champion of the Street Dance of China 3.

On the show, he is also extremely humble and a honest mentor to the participants. In last year’s show, one of the most memorable advice he gave to his students was for them to practice more, not to fear difficulties because the more they practiced, the more they would train their muscle memory. He also added that “dancing is something that has no beginning (or ending), you just keep dancing and dancing, that’s how you keep learning new things.”

His ardent love and desire to keep learning and improving his dance skills was also evident in how he took up many dance challenges. In last year’s dance battles, not only did he try out hiphop, but also locking, and krumping in the Captain’s Battle session. He also tried out break dancing from Yang Kai and some of his team members.

On the road of pursuing his dreams, Wang Yibo is a living emblem of what is persistence and attitude can make of a person. He demonstrates the longevity of passion and its resulting outcome when combined with hard work.

The Street Dance of China 4 is expected to not only invite the outstanding dancers such as Yang Kai, Xiao Ji, Li Shuai and others from the first three season. There is also hope that international dancers would be invited to participate, just like the previous season.

Although the competition system has changed, the variety show is expected to be just as exciting as the lineup of dancers is also very strong!

Look forward to the explosive Captain Wang taking part in the show again this year!

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