Wang Ziqi Seen Holding Hands With Rumored Girlfriend Wang Churan

Wang Ziqi, the male lead for the Chinese drama, “The Imperial Coroner” recently dealt a blow to his fans when he was spotted holding hands with actress Wang Churan.

Wang Ziqi and rumored girlfriend, Wang Churan

The Imperial Coroner has been a highly successful drama, and has successfully placed Wang Ziqi among the names of the rising actors to look out for. Just as the viewers were beginning to get acquainted with his works, some who have started to ship the “Chu Yu” pair in the drama had been disappointed by the news.

Wang Ziqi Helds Hands With Wang Churan After A Meal

On June 1, the media had exposed some photos of Wang Ziqi and the rising actress Wang Churan walking hand in hand on the streets.

From the video, the two appeared to be taking a stroll together after a meal. Wang Churan’s waist seemed a little uncomfortable during their walk and Wang Ziqi decided to pat her backache gently. The intimate behavior of the pair people caused further suspicions that both were in a relationship.

The pair were spotted to have held hands.

The exposure of the relationship has caused both parties to rise up the Weibo hot search list. After all, both of them have recent made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry because of their works.

It is normal to become the talk of the town when they are spotted together. While the exposure of their relationship may be something worth celebrating, countless netizens have also been disappointed upon learning that their “Imperial Coroner” ship could not sail, despite the current drama promotion period being the most appropriate time for it to do so.

Although it is not long after “The Imperial Coroner” had ended, the heroes and heroines in the show are still in the “couple pairing business period”. Had the romance not been exposed, Wang Ziqi could have used the “Chu Yu CP” to get more love and support to level up his career.

Wang Ziqi girlfriend

The same is true for his rumored partner, Wang Churan. Both entered the entertainment industry in the same year, however, Wang Ziyi had already made a name for his own masterpiece and Wang Churan is only known for her roles in “Oh My General” and “Serenade of Peaceful Joy”.

She has yet to secure a role as a lead actress in any drama yet.

Wang Churan

Although both of them are in the acting field, the recent discovery of their romance unlikely have any impact on them. After all, the two of them do not yet have any breakthrough acting works.

The exposure of their romance would merely mean that they may not be able to be shipped as hard with the other party in the film and television dramas.

The advantage of being shipped with a drama partner may affect the overall hype and anticipation for the drama, given the nature of showbiz. This could potentially make it harder for them to continue climbing up the showbiz career ladder.

Will Their Careers Be Affected?

Wang Ziqi Wang Churan

But fortunately, both of them are well-known for their acting skills and can thus rely on their own abilities to receive good acting roles. The pair are currently part of the cast for the Xiao Zhan led TV series “Yu Gu Yao.”

Since both also play lovers in the drama, their real life relationship may allow them to get extra attention in the subsequent filming and release of “Yu Gu Yao”.

It is important for fans to distinguish between reality and the fantasy world of the Chinese drama. “Chu Yu CP” is ultimately a pairing that belongs only in the realm of “The Imperial Coroner”, and Wang Ziqi has also indeed found his own “Chu Chu” outside the drama.

We can continue to support the actor in his drama works and not his private life. But having said that, it is inevitable that everyone will feel some remorse for Su Xiaotong. After all, she may be losing out on the CP hype with Wang Ziqi.

Ultimately, the exposure of their romance is not a big deal. As long as both Wang Ziqi and Wang Churan continue to be good role models, there is no reason to speak ill of them. Let us antcipate more of their acting works together, especially that of “Yu Gu Yao”!

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