What Your Favorite C-pop Celebs do in Quarantine

What Your Favorite C-pop Celebrities do in 14-Day Quarantine

Wonder how C-pop celebrities spend 14-days in quarantine to comply with coronavirus safety measures?
Get inspired so that you won’t be bored quarantining indoors!
Stay safe, stay home ~

Grow a Beard like Jackson Wang!

Don’t know what to do for 2 weeks of quarantining? Join in on the #beardedchallenge to see how long your mustache can grow to like Jackson Wang. Can you successfully last for 14 days without shaving your mustache?

Vlog your Quarantine experience like GEM!

If G.E.M thinks that doing simple “stay indoors” activities like house chores can be “beautiful”, you too can surely enjoy your 2-weeks of quarantine! The songstress also inspires fans to simply live in the moment by posting a vlog about her daily stay home life.

Vlogging can increase your self-awareness as you are noting your daily actions through videoing. A vlog also allows you to look back on your unique quarantine experience as you rewatch it!

Be Thankful for Healthcare Heroes like Ouyang Nana!

Without the effort and bravery of front-liners around the world, a smooth and safe quarantine experience cannot be ensured.

Take some time to thank medical and hotel staff (by writing a sweet note) like Ouyang Nana did here:
“You have worked so hard! Thank you <3”

Not being able to go outside may be really tough, but to take responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of yourself and others, completing the 14-day quarantine (whether at home or at another lodging) is a must after travelling. It’s up to you what you can accomplish in this period of solitude. Stay safe~!

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