Ding Chengxin Is All Smiles After Taking His College Entrance Exams

Ding Chengxin recently took a group photo with his classmates recently after completing his college entrance examination.

Ding Chengxin
Ding Chengxin took a group photo with his classmates after the college entrance examination

A group photo was shared where he posed with his classmates after the college entrance examination. In the photo, the TNT member wore a black jacket, jeans, a black hat and a black mask. He also seemed very relaxed as he gave a thumbs up to the camera in a relaxed state. He appeared very calm in contrast with his fellow boy group member Ma Jiaqi. Although he was frequently surrounded by fans rushing to take photos with him after he walked out of the exam hall, he appeared relatively happy.

Following the end of his exams, many congratulated him for ending the exam and striving to get admitted to the university of his choice!

The Teen In Times (TNT) member turns 19 years old this year. At around this age, Chinese teens would usually be sitting for their college examinations (gao kao) exams to be admitted into college. After the exams, they would be able to enjoy a long summer vacation right before college starts in August or September.


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