Lelush Becomes A Case Study Example For Students At Beijing Normal University

While Lelush did not deem himself worthy to debut as part of INTO1, the instructors at Beijing Normal University deemed him worthy enough as lesson material.


In a photo surfaced by netizens online, Lelush’s classic statements on CHUANG 2021 was presented in powerpoint format by an instructor at Beijing normal university. It was part of the “celebrity quotes” segment with some photos and quotations.

The powerpoint slide seemed to discuss the topic of “simple definitions.”


Lelush was quoted as saying, “According to some rules, I have won. But then in another sense, I’ve lost. (对于某种规则而言,我赢了,但某种意义上,我输了).”

The instructor also put a description for Lelush saying “In our country there is a survival show every year, and he is one of the trainees. He has been deemed by netizens as the entertainment industry’s first ever anti-entertainment industry person.”

Lelush Selfie

Netizens laughed and lamented that “If only there was Russian literature, then it would be so interesting”. As Lelush himself is Russian, netizens must have been hoping to have a whole Russian literature class dedicated to analyzing his quotes!

What do you think of this situation?

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