NEX7’s Justin Huang Addresses Issue of Sishengs Invading His Privacy

On the 6th of June, NEX7 member Justin Huang took to Weibo to speak up about the recent case of “sishengs” (stalker fans) following him while he was recording the TV Programme, “Not A Loner.” He clarified that the fans who followed him included both his fansite representatives and also sishengs.

The suspected sishengs raised their voices at Justin, saying “We can take photos of other people, but we can’t take photos of you?”

Earlier, the program team of “Not A Loner” released a notice stating that when Justin Huang went out to shoot, there were several suspected sishengs (私生) following him. These sishengs were seen to have raised their voices at the idol, saying “We can take photos of other people, but we can’t take photos of you?” Subsequently, this issue became hotly debated on the Internet, and many fans of Justin began to question if those fans were sishengs.

One of Justin’s fansites in particular was accused of being the sisheng who raised her voice at Justin. The fansite became the target of many hateful comments from Justin’s fans. The vitriol was so bad to the extent that the fansite representative was forced to explain her plight on Weibo, where she not only denied being the sisheng identified in the show but also pointed out that the programme used to allow for fansites to follow and take pictures of Justin as he headed to work. However, in that particular episode the production disallowed them to take photos. She also alleged that the production deliberately edited the show so that she would bear the brunt of hateful comments online directed at her fansite.

In defence of his fansites, Justin expressed that only a minority of those who followed him were sishengs and most were his fansites, and that “fansites are not sishengs and they have never interfered in my personal life.”

This comes a week after Yue Hua Entertainment released an official statement regarding the invasion of his privacy

In his post, Justin expressed:

Regarding the situation of sishengs addressed in the preview of last week’s program, I just hope to clarify that some of the [people who followed me] were indeed sishengs, but some of them were also my fansites. These fansites have been with me since my debut and have gone through a lot with me. They have never interfered with my personal life. The production crew did not differentiate between fansite representatives and sishengs so I attempted to try communicating with them nicely. Most of them left after being asked, but some sishengs continued to stay behind and follow me.

I’ve made a promise before that I would protect the fans who have listened to me, however, I have no power over how the show was edited. I was only able to request to the production team to blur out their faces and to edit their voices. I hope that everyone can be more understanding of each other. My job when filming the show is to do my best and I do not hope for there to be interruptions in the show. My fansites are not sishengs and they have not interfered in my personal life.

Upon reading his statement, many of his fans were touched by how kind Justin was to speak up for his fan sites. Some of the top comments include “Justin why are you so kind?” and “We will always love you, please take care of yourself Justin.”

We hope that Justin can continue to film his future programmes peacefully.

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