THE9 Reveals Dorm Room Allocations, Nicknames and Roles for Every Member in Debut Livestream

Recently the top 9 trainees of the survival show, “Youth With You 2” made their debut under the group name, THE9!

After the finale night of “Youth With You 2,”  everyone has yet to see the members giving any interviews yet as a group. But we’ve got some good news because this time, THE9 is here to officially provide their fans with a special interactive live stream!

As soon as the members arrived at the livestream venue, they were warmly welcomed by the staff. The sight of such a warm and enthusiastic reception even caused Esther Yu to suspect that the crowds gathering at the venue were all hired actors!

Though, fortunately, the fact is that everyone just really likes THE9.

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Youth With You releases THE9’s first official poster following the show’s finale

In the live stream room, THE9  interacted with netizens by answering questions posed by them. Of course, many fun facts and hilarious disclosures were inevitable!

iQiyi released a poster of THE9’s first livestream event

Fact number 1: Yuyan, is the “Maknae” of the group

THE9 members Snow Kong, Anqi and Yuyan have fun reading questions posed by netizens

Yuyan, who is often viewed as being the cold and distant “ice princess”, is the youngest member of the group. This has resulted in netizens to give her the title as the ‘maknae’ of the group.

When quizzed by netizens how she felt being the ‘maknae,’ Yu Yan explained that back when they were trainees in “Youth With You 2”, they never asked about each other’s birthdays at all. She only realized that she was the ‘maknae’ of the group after scrolling through Weibo. She also did not understand the meaning of a ‘maknae’ at first, so she even had to go online to search for it.

Although she is the youngest in the group, Yu Yan gave a thoughtful and mature response when quizzed about how she felt being the youngest, “I think being the youngest is not that important, but I will try to do my best to be a considerate maknae.”

Fact 2: Esther Yu is everyone’s favourite member, and Lu Keran is the biggest pushover

Fans also got curious and asked: who’s everyone’s favourite member and the pushover in THE9?

Without a doubt, everyone’s favourite member is the one and only drama queen, Esther Yu, while the group’s biggest pushover is Lu Keran! As a recognized favourite, Esther Yu felt completely flattered and responded, “Really? I didn’t quite feel it~ because we have just been together as a group for only about 10 days, we all adore each other.”

Fact Number 3: THE9’s Dorm Room Allocations

The dorm room allocation of THE9 members has also been revealed for the first time!

Are you ready to find out who shares a room with who?

The answer is revealed below:

Room 1: Lu Keran, Kiki Xu, Yu Yan

Room 2: Shaking , Liu Yu xin, Snow Kong

Room 3: Esther Yu, Zhao Xiaotang, An Qi

Are you surprised by the revelation?

Fact Number 4: The informal “roles” of every member in the group

ImageLiu Yuxin reads out the questions fans have for THE9

Not long ago, the official weibo account of Youth with You 2 also published the official group positions of all 9 members.

But what about their roles in private? Much to everyone’s surprise, Liu Yuxin, who has always been recognised as the “model student”, turned out to be a veteran cadre (i.e. someone who is conservative and old-fashioned)! Esther Yu’s title is that of the group’s joker and life of the party, given her propensity to bring laughter and joy in the group.

Kiki Xu considered herself as the group’s “talker” because of her love for talking. Xie Keyin is often regarded as the “sleeper” by netizens, as they often catch her sleeping. However, she did not really like the title and decided that being the “joker” would suit her better.

The group’s maknae, Yu Yan is the housekeeper, in charge of the housework and ensuring good sanitation levels within the dorm. An Qi is responsible for ordering takeaways, because she has never made a mistake with their orders. Zhao Xiaotang attends to everyone’s lifestyle needs and Snow Kong is recognised as the one with the largest cosmetic collection. Some of her cosmetic brands even include brands unknown to other members!

Meanwhile, Lu Keran got the official title of being the tallest of the group as she stands at an astounding 175cm tall!

Fact Number 5: Snow Kong is the selfie queen

When quizzed on who likes to upload selfies among the members the most, the response was unanimous: “Kong Xue Er!”

Caught red-handed, a flustered and adorable Snow Kong reacted by smiling and nodding to acknowledge the fact.

THE9 cuts a cake for their first ever livestream event

The first full-group appearance of THE9 made fans extremely excited! The great chemistry and synergy among the members, along with their cute and funny interactions made the livestream event a delightful one to watch.

With these new discoveries, it’s little wonder that fans remain ever eager to continue their journey in showing more love and support for THE9!

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