Wang Yibo Blushes While Holding Hands With Female Contestant In Street Dance Of China 3

First Time Seeing Wang Yibo Blushing In Street Dance Of China 3 While Holding Hands With Female Contestant 

Chinese actor Huang Bo teased Wang Yibo as he was forced to hold hands with a girl, who is a dance contestant in《Street Dance of China: Season 3》.

Wang Yibo with dancer Da Ting

Wang Yibo blushed and looked bashful when he “held onto” the girl’s hand?

You’ve probably never seen a Wang Yibo that’s blushing, bashful, and yet displaying a “can’t help but recommend myself” attitude.

Look closely at the emotion shown in his eyes…… (*Bottom Left, Huang Bo’s smirk)

It’s perfectly fine to pretend to shed tears. Who hasn’t faked a cry before while acting in a TV drama? Got it, you must be the prize winner of the “Oscar award for best actor”, you’re a drama queen!

Wang Yibo fake cries

No wonder why Wang Yibo’s fans were screaming aloud online, they wished that they could be the girl whom Wang Yibo held hands with – Da Ting.

Everything makes more sense as the newest episode of《Street Dance of China 3》was released. Jackson Wang, Lay Zhang, Wang Yibo and Wallace Chung had to recruit contestants into their teams. Hence, Huang Bo kindly suggested that the four captains could fight to recruit their favourite dancers through designing mini games. Therefore, that’s what led to the scene in the beginning of the article.

Eventually, Wang Yibo chose a female contestant, Da Ting, and a male contestant, Xiao Jie.

Huang Bo made a tough and savage move for them from the beginning by asking Wang Yibo to confess to his favourite female dance contestant.

What exactly happened was that Wang Yibo stood in front of Da Ting, looked at her eyes in a deeply affectionate way, and held her hand.

If someone were to request this move in another variety show, even if Wang Yibo himself didn’t stand out to refuse, female fans of Wang Yibo would probably have gone mad by leaving comments on the official site of Sina Weibo.

However, don’t forget, this rare scene appeared because Wang Yibo really just loves street dancing so much.

An obedient Wang Yibo became so sweet in front of Da Ting all of a sudden. His eyes expressed strong passion: his gaze pleading Da Ting to have a sip of the bottled water he handed her. He sometimes also showed some innocent face expressions in front of her. Lastly, Wang Yibo took the initiative to hold Da Ting’s hand. The female street dancer might look super cool on stage, but still, she couldn’t stand the charismatic side of the handsome idol who was right in front of her.

Da Ting cheeks were blushing red. People around them laughed as she walked towards the door with Wang Yibo clinging onto her hand.

Wang Yibo held Da Ting’s hand; Huang Bo: “quick, go practice”

Luckily, Wang Yibo was very wise as he found an opportunity to express the true inner thoughts in his heart — hoping that Da Ting could be part of his team.

Fans of Wang Yibo claimed that《Street Dance of China: Season 3》is probably one of the most suitable variety shows for him to participate in. On this stage, the Wang Yibo who has always been cool and quiet had wholly transformed to being a Yibo who has plenty of amazing meme-like expressions.

Wang Yibo as a meme

While facing the eye catching performances of his own idol Bouboo, Wang Yibo praised him without any hesitation. Although Lei Xiaoyang performed well during the one-on-one PK dance-off with Bouboo, Wang Yibo still insisted on giving the vote to his idol Bouboo at such a critical moment.

This surely wasn’t Wang Yibo being unfair – it was because he knew Bouboo better and could understand Bouboo’s dancing to the beat and how his moves would fit into the music every time the beat changed. Bouboo is a dancing genius and has great perception in regards to the beat of the music. Bouboo is very experienced and had these qualities trained through participating in countless big competitions.

During the intermissions, Wang Yibo would ask Bouboo to teach him some new skills.

Wang Yibo with French hiphop dancer Bouboo

Before this, many male supporters thought that Wang Yibo stood out because he was handsome and young. However, through the program《Street Dance of China: Season 3》, they could clearly see how hard Wang Yibo worked for street dancing and his sincere love towards street dance. Wang Yibo is also very professional and responsible when leading his team to battle against other teams. Wang Yibo’s live performance had shocked Huang Bo.

In addition, some male supporters had completely changed their view towards Wang Yibo as an idol. Wang Yibo has attracted more fans from participating《Street Dance of China: Season 3》.

Nonetheless, we hope that Da Ting could really join Wang Yibo’s team, and that they could work well together for future dance stages and competitions.

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