Chuang 2020 Trainees Address Online Criticism

Chuang 2020’s top ranked contestants recently responded to many assumptions that netizens had towards them, including criticism circulating online! It’s already not easy being a trainee, and yet these girls have to bravely address numerous tricky questions from netizens on screen. Take a look at their thoughtful responses below!

Curley Gao (XiLin Nayi Gao), on adhering to girl group appearance standards:
Curley Gao responds to a tricky question from netizens: “although you have a lot of talent and skill, your appearance is not on par with girl group standards”.

 Oh! This is quite harsh. First of all, I’ve always thought I’m pretty. So, I’m surprised that I got this question. But I’d like to ask Ms. Qin, in the acting industry, I feel like appearances are even more of a focus.


[Special guest Qin Hailu: I’ll tell you my advice and experience. After winning an award, one of my male college classmates said “she’s the ugliest in our class”. During the many decades after that, people will say I’m talented and graceful, but no one will say that I’m pretty. But so what? I think humans should try to live life beautifully. That’s enough.]


Teacher, that’s a beautiful answer.

Although you have strong skills and talent, your appearance doesn’t suite girl group standards.


Chen Zhuoxuan, on controversy about the source of her popularity:
In the recent Produce Camp 2020 episode which aired on June 6, Chen Zhuoxuan responded to the question:
“Are you only popular because of The Untamed?” Chen Zhuoxuan acted in the popular TV series last year.

 I thought I was popular because I asked “Am I not standing out/tall enough?”.

I admit that fans of The Untamed have been giving me a lot of support. But I would like to say that The Untamed is also a product of my hard work. I’m sure that everyone here has accomplishments they are proud of.I’m lucky that when I came to Produce Camp, I had already been in the drama series, so I think I’m very fortunate and grateful. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I admit it. I hope that in the future, I’ll have more accomplishments, so that when I go somewhere else, people will ask if my current popularity and support came from CHUANG 2020.

Does all your popularity and support come from being in “The Untamed”?

Many netizens also expressed their understanding of the trainee’s response: “Sister Chen’s answer is good, I believe she can continue to progress and become a better Chen Zhuoxuan.

Nene (Zheng Naixin), on the controversy about her being on the show for money:

In a video that CHUANG2020 has posted on YouTube, Nene responded to a producer’s allegations – “You are not truly passionate about the job, you do it because you need to make money to support your family”

 If you ask me, I do it because I love singing. I want to perform on stage. I don’t do it for money. I think I have had enough of money. When I was in Thailand, I bought many things.”

[ Judge Tao and other contestants chuckle ]

As such, I personally think that it’s not about money. I honestly think that there are many jobs available in Thailand that are easier, those that don’t require me to work on my Mandarin. Yes, learning Mandarin is not easy at all. I’m here because I love to be here. I joined “Chuang 2020” because I love the variety show. I’m not here to make money.

[ Other contestants: Well said. Alright, we got it. ]

[Special guest Qin Hailu: She’s here because she’s really passionate about her job. She loves to perform.]
Yes, I really love performing. I’m given a chance. When you are given a chance… if you fail to “grab” the chance… Chuang 2020 is the most importance chance to me, therefore, I grab the chance! I don’t do this for money! I’m so annoyed by that! I’m really angry! [she’s so angry her hands are shaking]
Can’t you see my effort? After joining the competition, my Mandarin has improved a lot.


Zhang Yifan, on why she cries so frequently:

Actually I am not a crybaby. I didn’t know that I would cry so easily before joining the competition. I tend to lose control over my emotions when I get agitated. Maybe its also because my mom took care and protected me too well when I was at home. I’ve been here for 3 months, and this is the longest I have gone without seeing my mom.
I said before that my mom is always very strict to me, perhaps none of you can understand my feeling. I can understand her because I grew up in a single-parent family, my parents got a divorce when I was young. When I wanted to hang out with friends I had to get her permission, I wasn’t allowed to go out at night, and I have specific curfew periods. There’s a lot of things that I want to do that I’ve never done before. For instance, my mom doesn’t let me cut my hair short and she doesn’t like it when I dye my hair.

Actually after I came to Chuang 2020 and met all of you girls, I realized that I feel envious of you all.
I don’t blame my mom because I understand her feelings, but I’ve always wanted to grow up. After going to university, I realized that she has been protecting me too well. There are so many things that I don’t know how to solve on my own [starts tearing up], that I’ve never tried before. I’m timid and I don’t dare to try new things. However, I can’t ever thank my mom enough.


[Special guest Qin Hailu: I believe that your mom wouldn’t want to see you cry so often on camera. Don’t cry so frequently okay? Your mom will surely cry along when you cry. She only wants to take care of you and wants the best for you. You can tell her that you’ve learnt a lot of Chuang 2020 and you when you go back, you can take care of her. When you face similar problems in the future, you have to learn to grow up. But first, you need to be strong.]

Why do you like to cry so often?


Sally (Liu Xiening)
Netizens posed five questions for Gugudan’s Sally:

Q1: Why have you been performing in an unstable manner during dancing? Do you think you can survive till the end with this kind of performance? [Other contestants: – I don’t know what to comment about this – what’s unstable??]
Why don’t you come and perform for us?

Q2: Why do netizens always question you and your ability?
Sally: Previously, I was always overseas for training. I saw online that many netizens don’t acknowledge me, they’re always disputing my ability. I have no idea why.

Q3: Why can you only dance but can’t sing?
Sally: Initially I planned to choose vocal and songwriting for the second stage performance. However I was worried that my boss would scold me when I go back [Other contestants chuckle]. I worried that he might terminate my contract right away. I’m serious, I can sing. [Other contestants: Sing for us, we’ll try not to laugh]. I will reserve it til the end, sing and rap!

Q4: What is your view on netizens calling you a “pre-arranged winner”?
Sally: First of all, I would like to thank everyone. It’s an honor. Since you all think this way, that means you have good taste. This means I’m capable right? [Other contestants: right! Yes!] 

Q5: Why do you always shake your head during dance performance? [They] think it’s the only dance move that you know.
Sally: That’s because I have plenty of hair. I can shake my head as much as I want. My hair is long. I like to shake my head. I shook my head so much … my neck has become thicker and thicker since the first episode. 

These gorgeous trainees reacted so positively with savage responses to negativity and criticism, and yet they’ve managed to put a chuckle on our faces! Their attitude towards improving themselves and achieving personal growth is truly inspiring.


Thee latest rankings of Chuang 2020 trainees are shown: (First to Seventh) Curley Gao, Nene, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zhao Yue, Zhang Yifan, Liu Xiening Sally, Wang Yijin


What do you think of their responses? Share your thoughts with us below!

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