R1SE member Zhou Zhen Nan’s Dad Allegedly Owes A Large Sum Of Debt, Wajijiwa Entertainment Addresses Rumours

Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding the leader of R1SE, Zhou Zhen Nan. Several rumours have arose regarding the fact that his father did not pay back his debts. His father has also been included in the list of dishonest people numerous times since 2016.

What happened?

According to Sina Entertainment, though it was reported that Zhou Zhen Nan’s dad did pay back a portion of the debts that he owed, a large portion of the debt is still left outstanding.

In response, the company belonging to Zhou Zhen Nan’s father, also known as the “Sichuan Jianyang Dadi Ecological Development Co., Ltd.” commissioned Sina Entertainment to issue an exclusive statement stating that due to the current market situation, related commercial disputes occurred after the company’s funds had been withdrawn.

However, the company has been actively coordinating with all parties involved. It has also stated that “The company has the ability and firmly believes that related issues will soon be resolved fairly and justly within the scope of the law.”

The statement also stated that netizens have made connections between the management of company to their respective family members, and had also maliciously speculated, slandered, the reputation of a person who is completely unrelated. This has also harmed the company’s operations.

The falsely accused individual will retain the right to pursue relevant legal recourse to protect their personal reputation.

Wajijiwa Entertainment’s Response:

Subsequently, Wajijiwa Entertanment also issued a statement on their official Weibo page stating that while netizens were busy disseminating such information, the have also maliciously speculated that the artist Zhou Zhen Nan was involved in this commercial dispute.

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Many malicious comments and false content were included in the comments, which seriously damaged Zhou Zhen Nan’s personal reputation. Wajijiwa Entertainment asserted that they will obtain evidence in accordance with the law and retain their right to pursue the relevant legal recourse.

The official statement is as follows:

Recently, Douban user @江湖骗子 [url of user] and Weibo user [@rabbit每日爆料, @剧情究竟所] have disseminated information on Sichuan Jianyang Dadi Ecological Development Co., Ltd’s commercial affairs and its legal representatives. In the midst of doing so, they have maliciously involved our company artiste R1SE member Mr Zhou Zhen Nan in its commercial affairs. In the discussion of the matter, a large portion of the discussion has caused great harm, especially with regards to the false comments which also damaged the reputation of Mr Zhou Zhen Nan. 

Related users, independent media entities and online platforms please refrain from such acts of infringement immediately and also delete and prevent the transmission and dissemination of all related false information. 

Regarding the malicious intention to taint our company’s artiste Mr Zhou Zhen Nan’s reputation and the relevant attempts to spread mistruths about him, our company will be collecting evidence and making use of all necessary legal recourse to ensure that all our legal rights will not be compromised. We reserve the rights to pursue legal action.

Thank you for everyone’s attention and support for our artiste Mr Zhou Zhen Nan. We hope that the online users will refrain from spreading false information, rumours and instead focus their attention on Mr Zhou Zhen Nan’s works. [We also hope to work towards] resisting the illegal acts of individuals, users and to ensuring a harmonious and healthy online environment. 

Wajijiwa Entertainment
25th October 2020

Zhou Zhen Nan’s fan club responds:

Zhou Zhen Nan’s fan club on Weibo has also issued an official statement stating:

“In response to this incident, we call on all fans to refrain from making any interpretations or respond blindly to online voices when the whole truth has yet to surface. Remember to be cautious in your words and deeds! At the same time, the fan club has also communicated with the management at first instance. [We] hope that the management can come forward as soon as possible to take any relevant actions for this incident! Do not continue to add fuel to the fire when the whole situation has yet to come to light! “

We hope that with the official statement from Zhou Zhan Nan’s management, fans can be at peace regarding the issue.

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