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Top 10 Up and Rising Male C-pop Idol Turned Actors You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

C-pop is gradually rising to global attention with new idol survival shows every season, and the multitude of talents within China and the asian region! For the past few years, we’ve recognized a growing number of rising new C-pop stars who’ve carved a career out of music and showbiz. Yet did you know many of them have also ventured into acting? C-pop has established multi-talented artists, from dancing, rapping, singing and now even…acting!

Have you ever wondered about whether your favourite C-pop idol is also a famed actor? Just scroll down and you’ll know the answer. You might be surprised to find out that some have already made inroads into acting and appear very successful in landing good roles!

Let’s go ahead with:

 10. Liu Te (Terry Liu)

Liu Te for the drama My Dear Lady

Terry Liu Te is an artist under Yinhe Ruyu Media who participated in Produce Camp 2019, a Tencent survival show. A year later, at age 24, he proved his talent for acting in the Chinese drama, My Dear Lady as Cheng Li, a young CEO and the boss of his personal assistant, Xun Xun. The female lead is a divorced mother who has recently found freedom again after divorce, though she did not expect to be working for Cheng Li who she recently got into a car accident with.

The drama is one of romantic comedy and is also unique in that it features an age gap between an older lady and a younger male lead.

If you are a fan of Liu Te’s acting from this trailer, you can also catch him as Ling Xue in his next drama, Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling and That Guy is Not Cute where he plays the main role in both dramas!

    9. Ren Shi Hao (Ryan Ren)

Ren Shi Hao in a drama poster for Sweet First Love

Ryan Ren Shi Hao is a model and a trainee from Jiashang media. Like Liu Te, Ren Shi Hao joined the Tencent survival show, Produce Camp 2019. He kicked-off his acting career in 2019 in the Chinese Drama, Arg life 2. He gained more notable attention from his lead role in the drama, Sweet First Love where he is known as Su Mu Yun, a cold and mean brother to Su NianFeng.

You can catch him in his next drama, Flourish in Time if you enjoyed is work in the fan made trailer for his drama, Sweet First Love!

    8. Luo Zheng

Luo Zheng For Poisoned Love

Before Luo Zheng starting off his acting career, he participated in Idol Producer 2018, iQIYI survival show, and debuted with boy group Mr. X under Mavericks Entertainment. In the Chinese drama, Poisoned Love, he plays the role of Shi Yi, the man the female protagonist mistakes for having saved her from her traumatic experience which left her suffering from sleepwalking habits. As the female lead slowly realizes that it is Shi Yi’s brother who in fact saved her, the romance between the trio unveil itself to reveal something more than they had expected!

Luo Zheng is definitely a rising actor to look out for as his next projects include a few new TV dramas including My Eyes are Full of You, Sleeping in the Galaxy in Spring, Make my Heart Smile and more!

7. Bi WenJun

Bi Wenjun for the Chinese Drama In a Class of Her Own

Bi Wen Jun is a member of NEXT under Yuehua Entertainment. He joined in the iQIYI survival show in 2018, Idol Producer. A year after, he began his acting career and appeared as Wei Chu, the male lead, in the drama, Sweet Tai Chi alongside the rising actress Sun Qian.

In the Chinese remake of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, renamed as In A Class of Her Own, Bi Wenjun played the leading role of Yu Le Xuan. His upcoming dramas also include The Silence of the Monster in which he will be acting alongside his NEXT group mate, Zhu Zheng Ting! Fans are excited to look forward to the collaboration between the two band members in the professional acting arena.

6. Li WenHan

Li Wen Han is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group UNIQ under Yuehua Entertainment.

He participated in Youth With You Season 1 or else also known as Idol Producer Season 2 and debuted with UNINE in 2019. His first drama series is in the Chinese drama, Personal Assistant of Female President where he landed a guest role. More recently, he also took on a lead role in the drama, Adventurous Romance.

Though he does not have any official upcoming drama projects to look out for, he is definitely a popular idol and actor to look out for!


5. Huang Zi Tao

Huang Zitao

Before  Huang Zi Tao established his own entertainment media company, L.TAO Entertainment, he debuted first in the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO under SM Entertainment in 2011. Alongside having taken on the responsibility as a full-time CEO, Huang Zitao is also very active in developing his acting career. He stepped up as a main role in the Chinese drama, The Brightest Star in the Sky as Zheng Bo Xu.

This year, his drama Forward Forever where he acted alongside TFBOYS member Jackson Yee was also generally well-received by his fans. His upcoming dramas will include New Vanity Fair, where he will again be taking on a lead role!

4. Kris Wu Yi Fan

Kris Wu for the movie Never Gone

Kris walked into the world stage in 2011 as a member of the South Korean boy group EXO. Now, Kris Wu considered extremely successful as a solo artist in China, where he is often invited as the mentor on variety shows and where his music have made their mark in the industry. Stepping out from his comfort zone, Kris Wu also proved that he does have the ability to act, given that he stared in his first movie, Somewhere Only We Know as Feng Ze. Following the success of the movie, he also played the lead role in in So Young 2: So You’re Still Here alongside the Mulan actress Crystal Liu Yifei!

Catch him in his next highly anticipated drama series, The Golden Hairpin, where he stars alongside the popular actress Yang Zi in 2021!

  3. Lu Han

Luhan is perhaps best known for his melodious and light voice, having been well-recognized as a vocalist worldwide since his earlier days in the boy group, EXO. On top of taking on the role as a host for Keep Running for a couple of years, Luhan has also starred in some successful series and movies. One of his more popular dramas include Sweet Combat, a drama adaptation based on the Korean manhwa story Girls of the Wild’s. He also starred alongside real-life girlfriend, Guan Xiaotong as the male lead in the show!

This year, he also takes on a lead role in the gaming-themed drama, Crossfire alongside Leo Wu Lei. Be sure to catch his upcoming dramas if you enjoyed his works.

2. Wang YiBo

Despite never being formally trained in acting school, Wang Yi Bo impressed viewers with his performance in the critically acclaimed drama, The Untamed. He is also a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group UNIQ under Yuehua Entertainment. He launched his acting career way back in 2016 as a guest role in the Personal Assistant of Female President, and this came only a few years after his debut with UNIQ in 2014.

Don’t miss out on the actor’s upcoming roles as the male lead in The Legend of Fei, Being A Hero and also Feng Qi Luoyang.

1. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan for The Untamed

Launching his career as an idol, Xiao Zhan joined the survival show, X-Fire in 2015 and successfully debuted with the boy group XNINE. A year later he pursued his acting career and took up the main role in the series, Super Star Academy. He became a nationwide sensation after starring alongside Wang Yibo the hit drama, The Untamed in 2019 where he played the role of Wei WuXian. Having put up a spectacular performance in The Untamed, his career has since continued to take flight with many projects in line for him.

Aside from his upcoming works in the dramas, Duoluo Continent and The Oath of Love, you can also check out in his now-airing drama series, The Wolf.

Xiao Wen

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